Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mark Morford: Cosmic Corruption At It's Finest

"Let us ponder. Because once again and for the billionth time, a deeply sad and hypocritical conservative is now claiming that he will be turning to God not merely for forgiveness for his lusty irresponsibilities, but he is also claiming that, in order to set things right, God will now be actively stepping into his life to help put him back on track, fix his mangled moral compass, tell him the what-what and the don't-stick-that-there.

Isn't that terrific? Isn't it wondrous to hear that God cares so much, so specifically, for Gov. Mark Sanford? Is it not heartening to hear that God will now happily jump into the rather wretched role of Sanford's own personal therapist, helping the wayward governor bury his heart and nix his one true love so he may return to his unhappy marriage and unhappy job and unhappy life? Yay God! So good of Him to take the time.

I, for one, am utterly delighted at how Sanford has effortlessly reduced the grand concept of timeless, universal divine metaconsciousness down to a bit of a tool, essentially making God his own personal knave. What a fantastic conceit! What glorious gall! We should all try that someday."

-- Mark Morford, Gay Yoga Master and overwhelmingly silly NewAge columnist, once again - after all the asinine things he's been prone to "believe" and write - pontificating on how well he understands the failings of Republicans who believe in Christianity, without noticing the awfully large cultish mote staining his own (Third?) eye, in The San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. There is an amazing amount of effort in your postings.

    I hope you are right that the American public is going to wake up, but, my observations suggest the majority would rather suicide than sever their delusions.