Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Dick Dangerous Double Dare Ya To Do It

Someone named "Hanging Chad" recently wrote in, saying:

"I know you want people to take up your cause but your problem, as I see it, is that you don't distinguish between different groups, different curatives, different causes. I'm not saying it's hard for people to sympathise with your plight,...but you need to narrow your focus and show that you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

NewAge isn't the driving force of liberalism any more than fundamentalism is the driving force for a conservative value system. They cosy up together on the same side but you, as a conservative atheist, do no good service to left-thinking people who are as hardbitten and rationalist as the best of them."

Which got me to wondering where, exactly, Chad thinks Liberalism and NewAge split? I'll admit I can't see it. Environmentalism? Check. Feminism? Check. Alternative Medicine? Check. U.F.O.s even? Check. And on and on and on. That's what being on the loony "open-minded" side gets you.

On the other side, you've got me - black conservative atheist - or Charles Johnson (of Little Green Footballs) and a whole bevy of others (Hot Air comes to mind) who don't fit the assumed Conservative/Republican = religious mold to point to. But where's the Liberal critics of NewAge?

I contend there are none. If I even hear a peep like that, it's from someone trying to prove his/her conservative bona fides - not their liberalism. There can't be any real Leftist NewAge critics with so many cultists involved, and so much open cult involvement. When Arianna Huffington's people are openly admitting they're being indoctrinated - and actually killing people - and the leaders on the Left aren't like "Whoa, what-the-fuck is going on over there?!?" then you're certainly not going to find much opposition further down, or out, in the ranks. They're all too busy slurping Kool-Aid and eating up bags and bags of spiritually full-flavored, good, nutritious, all natural Mumbo to the Jumbo.

So, that's the question for y'all, today:

Where on the Left does the hidden "spirituality" of Liberalism end? Let's hear it. I really want/need to know.

At least, Chad thinks so,...