Sunday, July 26, 2009

With Love From Me To You

"Hugo Chavez's gift to President Obama at the recent Summit of the Americas--a copy of Eduardo Galeano's 'Open Veins of Latin America'--has many people wondering what the fuss is about. 
A decade ago, I and the other two co-authors of the 'Guide to the Perfect Latin American Idiot' devoted a chapter to refuting the historical and ideological fallacies contained in Galeano's tract, which we called the 'idiot's bible.' Everything that has happened in the Western Hemisphere since the book appeared in 1971 has belied Galeano's arguments and predictions. But I guess Chavez has given it the kiss of life,..."

-- Alvaro Vargas Llosa, who I could probably have a decent debate with - on whether or not the "idiot's bible" is a perfect gift for the president - since Obama's the clown prince of (what he hopes is) The New Republic.

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