Friday, July 17, 2009

Barbara Boxer, Liberals, And Race: Bigotry 101

Harry Alford, the chairman of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, is speaking to one of my favorite journalists here, John Ziegler, and defining the racial attitudes of Barbara Boxer - and "progressive" liberals in general - perfectly: They just don't get it.

In 2009, this obsession with black skin is about their education, and feelings of self-worth, not mine. Electing Barack Obama as The First Black President (after they'd already declared they'd achieved that with Bill Clinton's sorry ass) made liberals feel good about themselves - "See, we're not racists!!" - while it left this black American disgusted so many of my countrymen weren't trying to elect the best man for the job. This is the well-being of our country we were (supposedly) talking about, not infiltrating some racist golf club in the South. And for the record:

I've been treated worse by whites - in San Francisco and France - than I ever have in South Carolina or Germany.

Barbara Boxer is San Francisco's senator, which should come as no surprise to anyone - just ask San Francisco blacks how much freedom and opportunity they have in (supposedly) "the most liberal city in America". As the old saying goes, whites in liberal cities really only like their blacks big, black, and in a CD format. Either that, or you must be accepting of the cultishness inherent in NewAge liberalism - the group mentality. Independent thinkers need not apply.

What's that? Oh yea, sorry, I forgot:

There's no such thing as a black independent thinker.

Just ask Barbara Boxer. She'll proudly hold up some worthless resolutions by the NAACP to straighten you out,...either that or call on Al Sharpton. Or is it jesse Jackson today? Whatever:

Your "Ghetto Pass" is safe with her.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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  1. Great take on Boxer's sick behavior.