Friday, July 24, 2009

Mouth Guard

So I was, finally, getting a sound sleep when I got a call from an old friend.

Fortunately, I still like him, even though he's a drug addict and criminal who's been been institutionalized several times.

Typical shit from my liberal days.

I groggily said "Hey, Dude" and, before I could ask how he's doing, he's like "Fuck you", which is the traditional greeting of MKOGs (My Kind Of Guys) and he asks how I'm doing.

I thought, "O.K., this is new,...."

I tell him I'm O.K.: "Still having nightmares, and my truck is in the shop, but, all-in-all, holding it together. How 'bout you?"

That's when he told me his latest tale of madness, involving the drugs, and the police, and his pitbull, and a girl he picked up and fell in loooove with (after the ritualized anal sex) and, of course, his Mom. Then he started to cry because he said he missed me.

Typical liberal bullshit.

The other day, my lunch was interrupted by three guys at the next table, supposedly trying to have what they called an "intelligent" conversation.

One said Israel had better give in to Islam or there was going to be Hell to pay. According to this yokel, Israel had no choice.

Another kept saying he wanted to make a point - he had to be heard, damn it - and his point was that President Bush was in on 9/11, but it was Dick Cheney who planned the whole thing:

Bush was just the vice-president's puppet and didn't really know what had been going on. The former two-term President of the United States was just too dumb for all that.

The third guy was insisting none of that mattered because the world was going to end by 2012 - the Mayan calendar said so. He claimed it was science.

I lost my appetite, wrapped up my meal, and went back to work; hoping I'd feel like eating it later.

What I meant when I told my friend I'm O.K., is that, now that I'm divorced, a lot of this crazy crap is happening somewhere else, and to someone else, now.

I'm a full-blown conservative - having swung so far to the extreme Left that I've survived to emerge on the Right - and less of this insanity is my reality these days.

I'm, mostly, just a witness to the nonsense now.

When I was on the Left, almost everybody I met thought I was a genius.

Now that I'm on the Right, those same people think I've "lost the plot", and that I'm not a man anymore - like I'm faking it with this "Macho" stuff. And, online, they waste no time telling me so. They're trying to get to me, like I'm Sarah Palin.


Speaking of Sarah Palin, yesterday, right before work, I was having my coffee and cigarette, just looking out at the sky, when I heard her voice from the Republican Convention, saying, "The difference between a Hockey Mom and a pitbull? Lipstick."

The memory almost brought tears to my eyes.

I somehow went out and worked harder than I have in a long, long time. Just really digging in. And it felt good.

Because so many Leftists are against her, a lot of Republicans are wondering if Palin's going to run for president in 2012, she going to be the next one to dig in - and possibly end the liberal hold on American culture?

I don't know about anybody else but - at this point in my life - that particular woman, ending what's left of the liberal hold on America, would suit this conservative just fine.


  1. I can't agree with this one, she's a sign of the same magical thinking problem, but from the Republican side. Macho isn't enough without having truth on your side. Don't let partisanship blind you, Republicans have and will turn on sanity as soon as they have any power, just like they all do.

  2. Please explain her "magical thinking". I know she's a Christian but there's nothing new there. I'm choosing from the alternatives I'm given, and atheists ain't gonna be on the ballot, so I'll take the strong chick who's closest to my views and scares the beejezus out of the people who hate me.


  3. BTW: Who would you be rooting for?