Monday, July 20, 2009

Ride 'Em, Cowboy!!! Way To Go!!! Yes, Sir!!!

"He has a cowboy hat and dark glasses - but clearly no intention of riding off into the sunset just yet.

Patrick Swayze has been pictured looking more healthy than he has in months.

The Dirty Dancing star, 56, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early last year, appeared to have gained a little weight and grown some of his hair back. He had even added a goatee.

Tubes thought to be catheters for his chemotherapy could be seen hanging in front of his shirt but Swayze was smiling and even indulging in a couple of cigarette breaks.

The pictures were a great contrast to photos taken in April, when he looked frail and thin. Early on in his cancer fight, many fans feared the actor would not last this long. But it is thought he had an advanced form of radiotherapy which is offering new hope to sufferers.

The CyberKnife technique shoots hundreds of beams of radiation at hard-to-reach tumours.
Last week cancer patient Robert Ferrant, 62, became one of the first in the UK to have the procedure. Mr Ferrant, from Jersey, said the treatment meant he 'actually had hope of a cure'.

The machine, which was reportedly also used by Swayze, shoots hundreds of beams of radiation at difficult-to-reach tumours. 
It moves with the patient's breathing, meaning it can target tumours deemed inoperable due to their proximity to major blood vessels.

The latest images of Swayze appear to show a distinct improvement in the actor's condition.
In May the former Ghost star appeared frail and painfully thin during another outing and fears grew that he might not have long to live. 
On the evidence of these images however it appears Swayze is not going down without a fight."

-- The Daily Mail

I've mentioned before that, while Patrick Swayze has been a total NewAger, his wife adheres to The Macho Response - there will be no homeopathic, or herbal treatments for her man - and it looks like it's paying off. If Farrah Fawcett had such people around her, too, she might still be with us as well - Christina Applegate is.

Listen: If you're sick - I don't care if you've got a fucking cold - keep the NewAge vampires away. They're walking harbingers of death, whispering of stardust and lace.

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