Monday, July 27, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now? You're Crazy!!!

"Shari Arison is Israel's richest woman, presiding over a financial empire that includes the country's second-biggest bank. She also claims in a memoir to see visions of the future. But one thing she apparently didn't envision is the puzzlement, laughter and even nervousness that have greeted her book.

Arison, 51, is up against an Israeli public that is notoriously cynical about power elites in general and banks in particular.

'Everyone has the right to hear voices,' quipped Motti Kirshenbaum, a popular TV commentator. 'The problem is, I don't want someone that hears voices to be owner of the bank where my money is.'

Arison doesn't actually claim to hear voices, and much of what she writes in 'Birth: When the Spiritual and Material Come Together' wouldn't seem unusual to anyone who believes in intuition and New Age ideas."

-- Joseph Marks, documenting the creation of a brand new "right" we have - one just for NewAgers - and you can find as many of these political scholars as you want, in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Oh, and there's this:

"She,...said she received warnings of the global financial crisis, though too late to save her bank from losing hundreds of millions of dollars and its longtime No. 1 ranking here.

'It's not my place or my position to make those steps at the bank,' she explained."

How convenient. Note to my Israeli friends:

Remove your money from this loon's bank - NOW.

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