Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Don't Expect Any Help This Time Assholes

The French are a fucking joke:
How dare he? How dare he?!?! Le Monde's Nicolas Bourcier can barely hide his shock at the fact that, in his new autobiography, George W Bush "has the gall" ("l'ex-prĂ©sident … ose") to defend his policies, from the War in Iraq to waterboarding. How typical of Dubya ("Du Bush dans le texte")!

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal's Daniel Henninger wrote a book review of Decision Points while Kimberley A Strassel published an interview with Dubya, in which we learn that there are the anecdotes about Jacques Chirac, who at several points lectures the U.S. on the folly of morality or idealism. When I ask the president if he wants to expand, he starts, stops, and gives that Bush chuckle. "Let's just say he wasn't a freedom-agenda guy."
Yea. Like America's sunny, and happily married, Dubya needed lessons on the dark side, by the cowardly Crown Prince of Adultery, from Le Land of Losers.

Can you imagine?

We are so glad to be American. With the exception of the Civil War and 9/11, we have never had a serious conflict on our soil so we, as a people, are pretty much immune from the soul-scarring cynicism of Yurp. We know we can do things, while they're trapped in self-inflicted visions of failure - and will be for centuries to come.

Is the European Union collapsing? Oh - so sad. And - oh - so typical. (And - oh - so expected!) But, still, they expect us to listen to them ("France does not agree!") like their word, which they've betrayed countless times, collectively and individually, means anything. We're like a Gold Medalist who they insist should be getting tips from someone in the Special Olympics. As the French like to say (because their lazy Socialist/Commie backstabbing asses can't do shit) "this is not done." And, thank goodness, it never will.

Eat our dust, Frogs.

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  1. but we've never had to detonate nukes to keep them out of the hands of revolutionaries...