Friday, November 19, 2010

Just Like You And Me (Except We're Not Crazy)

Why do women worship Oprah so? Other than they have to? Other than the fact they watch TV and are simply compelled to? Other than the fact - don't deny it, we have eyes - their lives are so damned empty (and they are so damned gullible) that they'll believe in almost anything?

Why - other than all that - it's got to be because Oprah's just brought so much good in the world, and they're determined to be a part of it:
In terms of promoting woo and quackery, there is one person who stands head and shoulders above all the rest. True, she doesn't just promote woo and quackery, but she does have a long list of dubious achievements in that realm, including but not limited to unleashing Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaccine crusade plus Suzanne Somers and her "bioidentical hormone" and cancer quackeries on an unsuspecting American public. She's also subjected us to both Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz to the point of actually launching them on their own shows, promoting the mystcial mumbo-jumbo wish fulfillment that is The Secret, and basically providing the most influential daytime TV platform for all manner of pseudoscience on a regular basis. Indeed, she's been running a veritable war on medical science. There's no New Age woo too woo-ey or quackery too quacky for Oprah.
And that's truly a beautiful thing.

Just like her girlfriend, Gayle.

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