Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Walls Are Steadily Closing In: Get Out Now

The biggest cult on the planet has just fired missiles at it's neighbor.

Surprise, bitches.

Oprah's hand-picked president has been hell-bent on destroying our nation.

Surprise, bitches.

Will you people never learn?

Nah - green on the outside, red on the inside, and you think it's cool - nope, you probably can't learn anymore.

You've been molded into too big of a bunch of pussies to understand anything. To think for yourselves, to evaluate information, to discover truth. Just like you let O.J. beat the shit out of Nichole until he killed her, you will never move until the worst happens, and then you'll over-react while denying you ever had anything to do with it. But you did. You had everything to do with it:

You were pussies when it mattered.

A friend called last night, asking, "Why is everyone so focused on Dancing With The Stars?" and we didn't have an answer.

Well, we did, but none that could satisfy an adult.

Some of us are wolves, sitting on the edge of the pack and watching, always watching. We watch cults.

The rest are engaged in what we, as kids, called "Reindeer Games".

TMR doesn't cover everything - it's hardly comprehensive reading - but it stays so focused there is absolutely nothing of consequence that has happened, or is happening, that this blog hasn't predicted, including who the major players are.

How do we always know?

The issue is, was, and always will be cults, cultism, and cultish thinking.

It's taken us to some bad places already.

Stop it now or it'll be the death of us all.


  1. Did you know that Deeprak Chopra is the Chairman, Chief Executive, Director and President of OSIS, the company that makes the Rapiscan airport security company freinded by Michael Chertoff.


  2. This is a different Deepak Chopra, not the new age guru. They just happen to share the same name.

  3. Jesus, can you imagine?

    What a nightmare,...