Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't Be Afraid: We're Just Talking About Fraud

One of the best things about this current period is how many articles refer to whatever NewAgers had just been doing for the last few years as now "colliding with reality".

Of course, what's great about it, though it still goes unspoken, is the admittance that what NewAgers were doing before was crazy - clearly, whatever it was, until now - it had nothing to do with reality.

There's also, now, a lot of talk about there having been an "Alice In Wonderland" quality to it all.

Which was probably true, if you were one of those that accepted the wrong information as correct, but it was more like Hell if you did not.

Part of the reason it was more like Hell is because the NewAgers who supported incorrect information didn't just leave it at that, but would openly make life very, very difficult for anyone who understood what was true.

Which means the people who seemed "bad" were really the good guys.

And the NewAgers, who tried to seem "nice", were really being evil.

Considering all the pain NewAgers caused, when they thought they could get away with it, it'll be quite satisfying whenever they begin going to jail.

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