Friday, November 19, 2010

Questions? No - Sorry - Ain't Got No Answers

In his new "Don't touch my junk" column, Charles Krauthammer says this mini TSA revolt is Americans finally standing up to "idiocy". Americans being forced to live with idiocy is a constant theme of this blog (our "stupidity" tag is almost as well-used as our "New Age" tag) and a look at a few recent stories raises the question of why Americans have had to endure this weirdness - for instance:

Why are journalists consulting psychics about whether or not Kate What's-her-face and England's Prince William can look forward to a happy marriage? (Let's forget for the moment the royals are weird and, after what happened to Diana, probably shouldn't marry.) Don't journalists, at least, know psychics are bunk? So why are they talking to them? Even worse, why are they telling us what they say? Don't journalists have more important things to do? More importantly (Ha!) don't they know we have more important things to do than read what some con man (or con woman) says?

Why do we put up with this?

BTW - the woman in blue above? She's an attention-seeking asshole. The woman in red? She's the attention-seeking idiot. Carry on.

Why is mayor Michael Bloomberg enlisting Oprah Winfrey's help regarding who should set education policy in New York? Didn't Oprah do enough by declaring Obama "The One" and helping put him in the White House? What in the world does Bloomberg think - after that fiasco - Oprah Winfrey's political sense (or her word) is good for? Is she offering everyone a new car if they choose Bloomberg's candidate? Another trip to Australia - on Australia's dime? What?

All America got for going with Obama is this bizarre world of hurt.

Why do we celebrate patriotism when an immigrant becomes a new American citizen, but fear that same flavor of patriotism when a native born American exhibits it? Oh, those Americans who want to protect the borders from illegal aliens are racist and nuts, aren't they? And that Sarah Palin, or George W. Bush, going on and on about how much they love America - they're both comical and crude, right? But let somebody from anywhere else take a test to prove they know George Washington was the first president of the United States and the South lost the Civil War and - WHAM! - they can wave the American flag all day, unmolested by liberals and even cheered by them, anywhere in the country. Which seems like it's upside-down and completely insane.

Which is why we don't have any answers and hope you can fill us in.

Just, please, don't make your comments as crazy as the questions themselves:

We don't know if we can take anymore.


  1. Why do we celebrate patriotism when an immigrant becomes a new American citizen, but fear that same flavor of patriotism when a native born American exhibits it?

    Interesting point. It reminds me how progressives hate white Christians, but absolutely love the sight of African-American church services. It's virtually the only pc expression of Christianity.

  2. Here's one - why is it that progressives think that gays are so awesome, but they turn around and get upset when they learn about the high rates of male-on-male rape in prison? Shouldn't ther be glad to see the prisoners being tolerant instead?

    Or why is it that progressives get upset when they see a stray dog starving to death on the street? Survival of the fittest is part of Darwin's theory of evolution, I thought progressives were supposed to like science!!!

    Why do progressives say they are against global warming and then wear hats on their heads in the winter? Shouldn't they want their heads to be cold instead?

    Please tip your waitress, I'll be here all evening.