Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The NewAge Way To Get Religion Out Of Politics

"'Siddhartha Obama,' is a large mural on the side of a building in Chelsea. It shows Obama as The Enlightened One holding solar panels, and features Dick Cheney popping out of a stars-and-stripes-painted Hummer and gas pumps bearing the Republican Party logo sitting atop coffins draped in American flags.

Whatever words you can use to describe these cult members, 'subtle' is not one of them,...The political naivete of assuming one politician will be Our Savior is the sort of thinking artists are almost expected to adopt.

But I find it strange that businesses keep attaching themselves to the Obama Cult, because in theory, they should want to minimize the number of customers they drive away with partisan propaganda.

And as Obama’s poll numbers continue to ease towards mediocrity, I suspect the use of religious-themed Obama imagery in corporate marketing will increasingly backfire."

-- Evan Coyne Maloney, proving I am not alone, over at his Brain Terminal.

Funny, how liberal NewAgers think it's O.K. to go religious with Obama, but they go completely ballistic over any reference to religion from the Republican side of the aisle. And, also, Buddhism/Hindiism is fine - they're a bunch of NewAge ethnic fetishists (into anything darker-skinned and "Eastern", like yoga, and such) anyway - but they talk like Christianity was apparently developed by Satan himself. I could go on but the basic premise is, man, dig this boatload of crazy hypocrisy!!!

Openly available for everyone to see - everyone, that is, but those it was intended for.

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