Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Perfect Example Of What's Wrong With Men

This is why I don't make (and can't take) "Friends" easily:

First, Ross should've destroyed that NewAge loon a long time ago, but he didn't because he's a wimpy little bitch, so his own public humiliation at the hands of that supremely stupid woman - who admits she "enjoyed" doing it - is his only possible reward. Despite all the evidence of scientific fact around them, she's never going to admit he's right. So she deserves whatever she gets.

Also, notice the look of *satisfaction* on the faces of the other two women - all recipients of the scientific largess Ross is so earnestly defending - as he (the "man") folds. Are they going to tell Phobe she's wrong? No way. Is Ross' own sister coming to his aid? Standing by his side? Talking some sense into the idiot bitch trying to warp her brother's world? No way. He's on his own in the face of ignorance. I tell you, take note, people - especially men:

It's either you or them, and NewAgers are playing for keeps. Destroy them at will. And, whatever you do, don't feel ashamed for enjoying it.

They don't.

Hat Tip: Little Green Footballs

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