Friday, November 12, 2010

Can We Say "The Rapping On This Video Sucks" Without China Deciding They're Not Ever Going To Sell Us Their Cheap-Assed Stuff Again?


We think we've gotten in trouble with Glenn Reynolds, again, because,...well, just because we're us.

We've criticized his taste in music, the deer-in-the-headlights look he gets on camera, the sound of his voice (and his adorable wife's) and some of the issues he promotes (or disses) on Instapundit - pretty much everything but the fact he runs a great blog. But hey - sorry - we thought *commenting* was *the point* and, when you're dealing with a blog called The Macho Response, it should be pretty obvious that class (or ass kissing) ain't exactly gonna be high up on our list of priorities. (Nobody's demanding Ace of Spades chill his shit after all, or punishing him for doing what he does.)

Oh well, we know what the "Instalaunch" thing is about now - inclusion with the "other-other elites" of the Right - and, if we can't be in the club, then we can't be in the club:

Shit, we're black, poor, and attached to no one - so nothing new there.

The reason we're writing this is to let Reynolds know we never meant any harm or anything. We just want to improve the conservative output, so it can appeal to a wider - read: cooler, possibly darker - audience, as much as the next right-leaning blog. (We keep reading that that's what conservatism wants to do but, somehow, all these white folks never get around to accomplishing that goal, focusing instead on continually patting themselves on the back while saying "don't get cocky." Seems weird.) But, if saying "Dana Loesch isn't a good public speaker" or "Glenn Reynolds looks stupid on camera" or "Roger L. Simon ought to ditch that fucking hat" is going to make somebody cry, or act like a puss, then - whatever. We thought people were allowed to be people - y'know, different - but we see how it is now:

Our thinking that the Right was more mature (and/or somehow "harder" than the Left) was, clearly, mistaken.

It's apparently just more kindergarden shit, pretending it's Jr. High.