Monday, November 8, 2010


This is Patrice O'Neal, one of our favorite comics - and probably the bravest one working - because his mind is one of the best examples of why the black male experience can be so difficult to integrate into the American WASP experience. His comedy is almost an x-ray of why black guys must be contained** by the wider society - there's no barriers on his brain. He just spits the shit out there, and you're either ready for it or you ain't, period. No political correctness, no caring about anyone's feelings (but no harm intended) or any of that - these are just ideas, finally free, and they must (and will) be dealt with. Fortunately, people do laugh at what he says.

Fortunately, they laugh a lot!


  1. why the black male experience can be so difficult to integrate into the American WASP experience

    The black male experience seems to be largely vulgarity. "Did you pee on her?" asks the 'comic'. It reminds me of that black joke that got Earl Butts in so much trouble back in the Nixon administration...something along the lines of "all it takes to make a black man happy is a tight pussy and warm place to shit."

    MLK tried to make the case that blacks are every bit as decent folk as white people, but every since severe white-imposed restrictions on black behavior have been reduced, typical black behavior has degenerated straight toward the gutter level that the worst Southern racist of 1950 would have predicted. 80% of blacks born illegitimate. Many times the crime rate of whites. And then this degeneracy.

    The cheapest laughs are the ones you get by being vulgar. There is no cleverness, no wit required. Just talk about sexual and scatalogical matters that polite (white) society deems below the level of civilized behavior. That's what black comics (and many Jewish comics) have indulged in for 60 years. Cheap, easy laughs...that also coarsen society.

    There's a word for it: degeneracy. And it is the "contribution" of blacks to American society. Degeneracy. Degeneracy in entertainment (always going for the more explicit sexual and violent lyrics in music, for example, from jazz to blues to rock to hiphop) and degeneracy in sports (bragging and showboating, a la Muhammad Ali and every black who scores a touchdown, as contrasted with the white concept of sportsmanship and the gentleman who reports his own rule infractions). Blacks have made almost no waves in any other field than sports and entertainment, but if they had - in science for example - you can bet it would have been accompanied with piss jokes and sack dances.

  2. Is society degenerating?

    I would say yes.

    Is the overt racism expressed in no uncertain terms by people like MnMark a direct contributing factor.

    Yes to that as well.

  3. Eddie Murphy has a bit where he talks about getting phone calls from Bill Cosby, and Richard Pryor. One chastising Eddie for his vulgarity, the other not. I laugh at all three of them. If you don't like the vulgarity turn it off. You don't have to watch it, just don't try to dictate what I watch.

    As Kat Williams related the story about why Flav O. Flav took all that abuse from the roast he was on,"Did you see the size of my check?"

    Ideas and memes evolve, but much like prions can't be eradicated. I don't have to like what some one sez, but I can appreciate the right for them to say it. Especially if that same right is extended to me.

    Perhaps if MnMark would spend more time trying to educate people instead of applying strawman logic to people and practices he didn't like the world would be more to his liking.