Monday, June 17, 2013

Althouse & Instapundit Are Making A (Stillborn) Baby,...

Oh, Ann, Ann, Ann, you crazy loon you. 

You write with all the mental recall of a blade of grass. Here we go:
"Rubio has killed himself with his base through a classic example of hubris and Freshman overreach. 
He could have gotten behind an immigration bill, but getting behind this immigration bill, another cooked-up-in-a-backroom you’ve-got-to-pass-it-to-find-out-what’s-in-it monstrosity was a mistake. His second mistake, and the really fatal one, has been expressions of contempt toward his base. Suggesting that people who don’t support his bill are racist, and that American workers are dumb, is political poison. And his staff should know better than to say this kind of thing to any journalist, however friendly-seeming. All in all, a really disappointing performance from Rubio." 
Writes Instapundit."


Beyond the fact Ann sucks Glenn's dick for breakfast with Meade's permission (wrong: Ann doesn't have to ask Meade for shit) why is she quoting Instapundit? Is he giving us some brilliant insight into politics right now? No. As I've said a billion times, the ONLY story that's important is how fucked up the right-wing tastemakers who promoted Romney are - people like Ann and Glenn - and whether they're willing to change. That's it. They're the problem. We wouldn't be here without THEM. 

To look at Marco Rubio like "he's fucking up" is to be in total denial (and, in this context, could be called racist) or it's to change the subject away from the results of their own lame counsel.

Going back to Ann & Glenn's farce of a blog post:
"But why did the Freshman arrive at this hubris? How did he get into this position in the 'Gang of 8' from which he could do this overreaching?"
Let's see,...if I remember correctly, it's because you dingbats LOST AN UNLOSABLE ELECTION. Which would be YOUR FAULT again - not Rubio's:
"Seeing where he is and knowing that it was the insane, inane hopes that conservatives reflexively projected onto him, he understandably views this base as at least rather dumb and a tad racist."

Now that sentence I agree with - let's apply it to Obama's first election:
"Seeing where he was and knowing that it was the insane, inane hopes that liberals reflexively projected onto him, Obama understandably views Ann Althouse as at least rather dumb and a tad racist."

Hmmm. That actually makes sense from here:

Maybe Ol' Glenn's onto something after all,...