Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If Hillary's The Most Qualified Then Anything Is Possible

And another aspect of my wife's creepy behavior, while married, falls by the wayside:
"Breast screening 'doesn't cut deaths': Study of 40 years of mammograms show 'no evidence' they reduce chance of dying"

You can't tell anybody anything. I guess I can't anyway. They're going to do what they're going to do, partially just to prove that's how it goes. Then, it's they who learn the lesson.
"One woman in the audience had a son who drowned in the pool while she was sleeping (not, as Theresa guessed, doing laundry). For obvious reasons, the woman had a lot of guilt. According to Theresa, an 8-year old spirit once explained to her that had he not drowned, he would have died in a car accident the very next week on his way to baseball practice. Thus, we shouldn’t have guilt when kids die on our watch because they were going to die one way or another. This is the point in the show when Theresa Caputo, Long Island Medium, began to lose Adam."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has conspiracy theories. The History Channel has conspiracy theories. People believe in conspiracy theories. That's one of my conspiracy theories, fool that I am.
"A nine-year-old schoolgirl has managed to enter Turkey using a passport that identified her as a pink unicorn."

Here's another of my conspiracy theories: 

 What that little girl actually "managed to" get was a real passport,...

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