Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Kmart Will Even Ship Your Knickers To You - By Boat!"

See? You can be a woman. You can be gay. You can be an Indian, or a Mexican in America.

Fuck all of them - the feminists especially.

But nobody else gets their day interrupted like this.

People are calling the Kmart ad racist, but it's not - it's stupid masquerading as clever.

And it's not funny - which is always the real crime. That, and the fact so many people could participate in it's creation and, before it went live, not one person said, "Um, guys,..." (Is Kmart conservative? Maybe it's a conservative thing. Happens all the time at Pajamas Media, too. Speaking of which, doesn't the fella on the right, above, remind you of Glenn Reynolds? He reminded me of Glenn Reynolds,...) Anyway:

More of what we don't want, or need, still front-and-center.

What a country,..

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  1. Ok, that really was stupid.

    Black folks, welcome to the club -- you are now so officially "integrated yet separate" that it will be increasingly ok to make cutesy, stupid entendres about you in social media (especially advertisements).
    I've been dealing with the moustachioed Pillsbury dude and sexy/slobbish women sweating over spaghetti screaming hackney'd English all my life (and yes, one does become aware of it at an early age, and yes it can really stop your day for a while, and yes one is not allowed to state that it does this because it "wasn't meant that way, jeez").
    Your journey into this will undoubtedly be more obnoxious and even painful due to the circumstances -- but that is exactly what it is -- and I don't know if there is an ending to it (although it has gotten a bit better in my case -- now it's just the stupid Olive Garden, which is crappy food btw, rather than the Pillsbury dude singing "o solo mio" at least I haven't seen him around for a while). Don't get me started on the Duke Boys and all those Moonbeam McSwine/Lil Abner types in commercials...that's a different matter entirely and raises the question of how much one should embrace things and how much one should resist buying in (but you guys probably already know about that).
    We hand out tee shirts and there is a secret handshake; meetings are the first Monday of every month, you'll need to password to get in ;)