Monday, June 17, 2013

Lessons For The Right From The World Of Punk & Rap

The K.K.K. Took My Baby Away

Trying to shake a shitty image isn't easy, but allowing blacks freedom in the party is an easy way to fix that. I can count the currently visible right-wing blacks on my hands. They get no time out there. That's shameful, considering A) it's my party, and B) it was a party started to free blacks.

Sorry, but only being free to listen ain't gonna cut it.

Yo! Bum Rush The Show

The Republican base should kick the leadership (minus Boehner, who's still the only adult) to the curb and allow whatever new voices, not enthralled with their bullshit, to be heard. Bust up the party, if necessary, but stop the fucking bleeding.

A "moderate" approach to politics is worthless.

Banned In D.C.

Fuck these gatekeepers who've convinced the rest of you - merely by being online first - their view is the only one worth hearing. Glenn Reynolds, and all the rest of these pseudo-men/gun-toting geeks who dominate the right-wing blogosphere should be dissed until they, literally, leave the stage for leading us to the grave. That was their calling, as evidenced by the results. 

I say, if they're claiming to be on our side, prove it by saying something original or going away.


  1. It certainly would be nice to be heard for a change, actually listened to seriously instead of pandered too (my group, rural working class, has a bit of the same problem -- we've been their vote cattle).
    I'm about ready to write a Bluegrass Manifesto -- and I've got a feeling my down home folks have some of the same concerns and complaints as your down home folks do, despite their so called differences. Bet they are just as pissed off as well (and contemptuous of these metrosexual hipster chic gun porn posers == seriously, if I hear one more "conservative" talk gun porn and thump their chest about "cooking off rounds at the range every week to stay sharp" I'm going to puke -- dude/dudette, if you need to ruin your shooty thing and waste a ton of cash "cooking off rounds to stay sharp" you either need glasses or lessons or something...contempt I tell you! you don't know how trifling and -- above all else -- weak you really look to us! that goes for the men who can't fix anything and the women who can only go shopping who love God, Americans are not supposed to be that damn foppish! and you call my people the dumb, uneducated ones!). Eh, don't get me started, or the manifesto will just come tumbling out.


  2. As for right wing Blacks not getting any air time...I'm going to qualify that: I'm sick and tired of the tokens (cough, cough Mia Love). I know very well that she's only there because she checks all the slots on an affirmative action poster child for GOP, and she probably knows it too and doesn't care, and the rest of the GOP same thing. And I guess it's that which pisses me off the most -- give me a real conservative who isn't afraid to do the hard job and not be a yes man(or woman), give me a real Black person (yeah, hillbilly that I am, I know they are out there -- have run into quite a few out even in these necks of the woods -- and I'm a godforsaken hillbilly, so if I know they are out there, then surely to goodness the damn GOP can find some and quit putting up the likes of Mia Love). Or quit taking the ones that maybe just might be real and turning them into cardboard cutouts, please!
    Hell, that goes for the white ones too...both genders (or is it all genders now? is that what I have to say since people shouldn't be confined to traditional gender assignment?).