Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scaredy Pants

I'm sorry to do Hitch twice in a row, but I got to thinking about this week, and how I've heard it repeatedly said NSA officials answers were much like what we got on the war. Those statements are always premised on some idea the answers we had were wrong. In wartime, how this cloud of propaganda survives is a much more interesting, important, and immediate question to me than what (I knew) the NSA's doing, because if everybody's living a lie, talking about it is pointless. And this is getting pretty pointless.

With Hitch, working forward from the start of this madness, you could peel away each non-scandal like an onion - each underlying non-scandal (Iraq!) as the basis for the next - until we get to this week, when the character of some Americans has been revealed to still be French. A small, corrupt people, imagining themselves great warriors for attacking their protectors (In France, they had TWO strikes this week! Hurt the country, changed nothing. Felt good.) That's us now. 

Any fool can see, now, these cowards are using one hand as a cup.


They're pushovers, and delusional, but it's one that's as strong as the enemy's:

Let's hope they cancel each other out...