Saturday, June 29, 2013

BOY/GIRL (You Shouldn't Have Slept Around So Much)

It's so screwed up already, they should just stop. Yesterday I was asking who Ann Althouse was so pissed at, knowing it's not me, and now I think I know from reading about Hillary Clinton:
"She’ll wade through an infinite number of Bill Clinton’s infidelities to enact her revenge on mankind."

Wasn't that what we got in Ann's cackling mad woman routine? Follow me:

Bill cheated on Hillary. Bill cheated Monica. Bill signed DOMA. 

I know it's just pop psychology but like Hillary, when it comes to men, I think Ann's gleefully punishing the country for her generation's cowardice.

And - like Affirmative Action before it - undermining the credibility of her gay son, because (it doesn't get more obvious than this week, especially with Ann's insane ravings) his new status is subsidized

By his Mom

And it's all based on a lie. 

What's the lie?

Well, 1) That I had anything to do with it. 

Sorry - that was your "first" husband, Mom.

And 2) that, just because the kid's a freak, anybody (including you) gets to treat him that way - or force anyone else to - isn't that the gay parent's beef, with everyone else their snowflake may encounter?

Now - just like with legalizing pot - good Americans are being forced to go along with another lie, supposedly for the greater good. Meanwhile, I'm losing track of what the difference between feminism and racism is, when it's still coming down to slanted juries, crooked lawyers, and kangaroo courts - coupled with an unspoken demand no one acknowledge it.

Sorry, I live here, too. And I'll speak:

As a young country, trying to shake off a stupid past, this approach is not working,...

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