Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Better-Than-Hot Air Candidate Number One: USAToday!

Of all the papers out there, the usually-totally-uninformative USAToday delivered what has to be, for a layman, a pretty damned informative article on one industry that fueled Mitt Romney's inspiring rise and fortune. It's described a little differently here than at the Republican National Convention, but I mean, bing, bang, pow, man - this paper is really working to rectify any discrepancies, ASAP:
While many in the alternative medicine industry are cashing in, Offit says there are few people looking out for the desperate patients whose hopes — and bank accounts — are being exploited. 
"Quackery is an enormous concern," Briggs says. 
Consumers are often taken in by outrageous claims, partly because they lack the scientific knowledge to spot phonies, and partly because they fall victim to a huckster's charismatic personality, Offit says. 
"Our science literacy is terrible as a nation," Briggs says. "People like magic. I don't know why, but they do." 
Many Americans are unaware that supplements, unlike drugs, don't need to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration — or tested for safety — before going on the market, Offit says. One study found that 58% of Americans believe that the FDA must approve herbal supplements before they're sold. 
"When a consumer buys a food supplement or dietary supplement, they may think it's really going to do what it says on the label," Waxman says. "That's not necessarily the case. ... Consumers should know that when they buy a dietary supplement, they are really on their own."

[Light organ. Preacher's cadence:]

Brothers and Sisters, can we please take a moment, to thank Mitt again, for his service to his country, in this matter, and then be honored, with another rousing speech, from his ugly, NewAge MS-riddled wife, about how fucking lucky we are, to have him, working, in this way, on our behalf?

I said "please" you haters.

Once we can cross-reference this type of information with the coming spiritual unmasking, it'll eventually make a dent. I understand it's difficulty, like studying Homer. I can wait.

In the mean time, good job, USAToday:

It's nice to know you don't have to be shit, all the time, either,...

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