Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Am I Afraid Of? The People Dumb Enough To Ask

Even in a good mood, the PTSD means I can now become jaded or angry really quick, and it startles me - because there's no escaping (and thus no way to protect myself from) the reading of sheltered folks' ignorant scribblings that can trigger it. So (unless I completely cut myself off) I can regularly be caught unawares, and get enraged, by being reminded of the personal cost I've paid for their ignorance:
"I saw half a dozen people tweet this clip earlier this morning, all with the same expressions of horror and outrage, even though it was first reported in early March. I’d never seen it before myself. My half-assed theory on why it’s catching on belatedly is that someone rediscovered it last week during NSA-palooza and saw it as some kind of metaphor for the futility of protesting state abuse of the power to invade your privacy."

Gah - what a bunch of ignorant, pastel-flavored hooey. You ever notice, when they make one of those movies based on nothing going right for the star, it's rarely ever a black person? Why not? 

Because that's not a fucking movie. 

Black American's lives, being screwed over in a multitude of ways, is real life. No imagination, extra back story, special effects, or suspension of disbelief, required. 

It's just the way it is. 

But that hasn't been the case for women, before or after feminism.

See, let me tell my story - it's worthless, and the shallow will diss me for style on top of that. I gotta love Ann Althouse, and Glenn Reynolds, and all the rest for them to reason giving me a fair shake. But let Dr. Helen speak for me - now that's an event! 

But what goes unmentioned is that's a result of the very policies, and outlook, I'm stuck living under - but she benefits from.

Being faced with this is so common to me, it's my life story, because I was a child when the feminists and law enforcement decided they were going to tame me unfairly.

I'm disgusted this "sexually abused" woman got anyone's attention for it, too, because, of course - in this completely unfair feminist hellhole of a society - only a woman will get anyone's attention. For men - and especially for black men - this is just par for the course, and everybody's accepted it. Or did I miss THAT outcry, too? 

 Sure - you're all Weathermen.

But for a woman? "Horror and outrage"? Listen, you tit-licking assholes: 

 Fuck that lady, fuck her kid, fuck her sympathizers, fuck the judge, and fuck her jailers - I hate you all for making me go through this, long before her, and too many times to count, and not caring one iota.

You heard me - all of you.

 May you all be repeatedly raped in a bowl of fruit loops by masked marauding mongoloids on wheels.

I swear, as the second half of my life seems to be rushing to an end, it's like this entire society has made it's mind up that - instead of the good things - it's going to remind me of all the evil it's done, and shown me. And then it'll betray me, for knowing it, in any way possible.

But especially by continually showing concern, only, for the feminists who constructed this situation with law enforcement to begin with. That's one hell of a way to send a guy out of here.

And clues me in why so many men opt for murder as their E-ticket in the end,...

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