Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Anthem (Based On The Words "Don't Play Around")


 OH! I'm DYING over here! I'm laughing so hard it feels like having the hiccups for a year! Remember how I told you Glenn Reynolds & Co. are,...sheltered? This gets to the whole premise of my argument, about how fake the "gay" marriage debate is, because the people conducting it are not (as Jimi Hendrix used to say) "experienced" - I'm from South Central:
“The conversation continued, according to Jeantel: 'So... he told me the man was looking at him, so I had to think it might have been a rapist.' 
Why rapist? A man raping a man? How common is that as a fear?”

That was Ann Althouse showing us how much she has in common with Doris Day - and how little she knows of, for instance, Navy initiation rituals.


 I'll bet she knows all the words to "In The Navy" though.

I'll add that my first knowledge of gays was a man trying to blow me, against my will, as a child. What do these people think makes a man like me? Reality - NEXT RUBE:
“I can’t help but feel that the real story, the big story, is that gay people, like black Americans before them, are being played for fools by what Andrew Breitbart used to call the Democrat-media complex. Surely, the all-Supreme-Court headlines should really read something like, 'GDP shrinks to nothing due to the fact that government is overspending on entitlements while simultaneously spying on American citizens and abusing the power of taxation to suppress political speech at the same time the administration is mishandling world events so that the United States has become an impotent laughing stock whose ambassadors can be murdered at will while tyrants thrive…  oh, and by the way, the Supreme Court ruled…  something that will make very little difference to the overall state of the nation.'”

Alright, this is Andrew Klavan - the man who recently announced "there is something spiritual at the bottom of conservatism" - being wrong on so many levels, again, it would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic.

("Tragic", because people actually listen to these folks, without actually listening to them - if it's really there, spirituality's at "the bottom" you guys,....)

Then there's the linking of gays and blacks, something I'm really getting sick of, because the analogy doesn't work. (I dislike all of these set-ups designed for conflict between us - listen to Klavan talk about "gay people" but "black Americans". Be a conservative and drop the PC shit, dude, you're confusing yourself,...) All you have to say is "Liberace" and the whole argument falls apart. Was Little Richard mistreated? Not that I know of, but then Little Richard's never been a puss, either. Nobody ever talks about stuff like that because they're scared. How about gays being proud of Judy Garland saying:
“When I die I have visions of fags singing ‘Over the Rainbow’ and the flag at Fire Island being flown at half mast.”

That totally screams of The Civil Rights Movement blacks led, doesn't it? Give me a break. It's about as accurate as Klavan's Supreme Court headline. Here's how I would write it:
“I can’t help but feel that the real story, the big story, is that "spiritual" people are, at the same time, in a ruthless quest for power and being played for fools. Surely, the all-Supreme-Court headlines should really read something like, 'GDP shrinks to nothing due to the fact that everyone's overspending out of fear of shadows on the walls, while simultaneously abusing power to suppress speech at the same time the administration is mishandling world events,…  oh, and by the way, the Supreme Court ruled…  something that - like any Supreme Court ruling - is already changing the overall state of the nation.'”

What a moron. Which brings me to the man with the hat, Pajamas Media's Roger L. Simon, shining a flashlight on part of the problem better than most:
“Don’t do Barack Obama any favors! 
He is on so many ropes you can’t count them. The only thing that can help him is for a bunch of rightwingers to start screaming about the sanctity of marriage. 
Don’t do it! Don’t take the bait! 
Make peace with your gay friends, neighbors, and relatives. They should thrive and be happy. Or be indentured to divorce lawyers for the rest of their lives like so many of us. Whatever happens happens. Move on! 
And for those who say we’re on the slippery slope to polygamy, incest, or whatever, stop it! There’s no concrete evidence for any of this. Gay people — the ones who are getting married anyway — want to be bourgeois like you. We’ve all met tons of gay people but very few (if any) polygamists and not a single person who is sleeping with their mother and/or sister. (Well, maybe in the movie Deliverance and I’m not even sure it really happened there.) 
Look inside yourself and stop making this absurd, straw-man argument for which there is no serious real-life corroboration in the U.S., only in the Islamic world. 
(That means you, Dennis Prager. You’re too smart for that kind of sophism.) 
One thing Obama and his minions thrive on is distraction — and protest of gay marriage will be distraction one, I promise you. 
Play offense, not defense.”

Since Klavan already said what a fool Andrew Breitbart thought I am, let's me take Klavan's boss apart,  in the Andrew Breitbart tradition:

Conservatives are supposed to be upholding a principle and this fool's still fighting the last election. Can there be any doubt why this country is losing, on so many fronts, when people can get so easily distracted? He thinks Obama's "on so many ropes you can’t count them" because he and the rest of the media's hooked on these non-scandals (they lucked upon) that, so far, no matter how often they scream they've got something concrete, have fallen between their fingers like sand.

Get your fucking wits, Rog:

We're not supposed to be trying to "make peace", you coward, but be stewards of this nation which, last time I checked, wasn't thriving or happy.

"Whatever happens happens"?

Then, like Dr. Helen before him, this conservative gets "spiritual" (like Andrew Klavan said he would) and comes with a NewAge admonition - reflecting "the path" they're all on - "Move On!"

Which, as I've explained, we can't do because - unlike you who, once, had to go out and "find yourself" - we've always been stuck here, knowing where we are all along, enduring parents (like you?) making "divorce" part of reality "for the rest of their lives".

That was your doing.

BTW - as I just said - this place the rest of us have been is called "Reality", it's in America, and you and your Romney-supporting friends really ought to visit sometime before shooting off your mouth about it's content and ambitions.

We're not bourgeois. I'm hand-to-mouth, and I'm writing this in physical pain.

Just because you can't think of something doesn't mean it doesn't exist - like seeing conservatism, today, from a different perspective.

Like in science, that's supposed to be the point, ain't it, Oh Great Gatekeepers Of The Right?

Call me when you give a damn about something more than Obama's head on a spit.

I'm one conservative artist who listens,...

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  1. I take it you were inducted into the Royal Order (something I'm pretty sure Ann and Co. have very little knowledge of)?

    Still trying to digest that paragraphs long dissertation on the meaning of "cracker ass" over there -- it meets the maximum word requirements I guess.

    I'm ready to just sit back and not say anything...try to get through this shit that's been handed down as best as possible (that's my version of "move on").