Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Not Where Rubio & Hot Air's From (But Where I'm At)

You know that moment when someone, maybe a friend, finds fortune of some kind and they start making changes to accommodate it, until you're forced to tell them "you've changed - and not for the better"? That's what is happening to Marco. He's acquiring too much polish for his own good, reducing the best thing about him - that he can clearly and plainly articulate what this country is all about - to calculation, revealing his dark side once the authenticity is gone. 
He'll never be Antonio Villaraigosa, thank goodness, but, ever so slightly, he's moving in that direction.
- TMR, to Marco Rubio's Republican National Convention speech, August 31, 2012

Today's mention of "the disappointment that is Rubio" by Hot Air (and others) made me wonder, "Why on Earth do I still read this stuff?" 

Nothing about the exchange makes sense.

Hot Air is consistently voted the #1 conservative news analysis site.

Hot Air probably attended the Republican National Convention.

Hot Air probably knows Marco Rubio personally.

All 100% true, without embellishment. So boggle my fucking mind, and riddle me this, Batman:

What good is Hot Air if they're just discovering something my black ass nailed, after one glimpse of this wanker on television, last year?

They simply provide no value:

Don't argue with me - I live in "Mormon Country",...

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