Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fuck You (Wait - They'd Probably Want That Anyway,...)

Yesterday I was listening to Fresh Air's discussion with comedian Amy Schumer, and she and Terry Gross got into this thing women do - which is putting themselves down when they receive a compliment. Once Shumer admitted she's never seen a man do that, I wondered: 

 Do crazy women ever glean they're crazy? 

I guess you have to be a man to understand where that question is coming from but, for instance, I don't react to movies based on my hormones, and no woman has ever been in the position of having to comfort me - against her will - as I mentally come apart over such a thing. 

I'm not insecure, don't hate my body, nor do I feel a need to show it off for validation. 

I wouldn't kill a child to improve my job prospects. 

I wouldn't sleep with someone before I broke up with someone I'd already claimed to love. 

Lying is not part of my social tool kit. 

I've only used knowledge, talent, or friendships, to get a job - never sex or sex appeal.

 I could go on, but the bottom line is, this is goofy and destructive behavior (to the self and society) and I want to know if women understand that's what it is - and what a burden it is for men to cope with?

So intent on "breaking the glass ceiling" they forget who's got to clean up,...

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