Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Knows It - I Knows 'Em - And I Knows What I Knows,...

I made this point about "non-Christians" (read: NewAgers - not atheists) long before Steven Crowder:
The word “judgment” has been turned into a dirty word nowadays. Non-Christians have used it as a go-to attack in an attempt to paint believers as pompous jerks. Christians themselves are afraid of the word, and more importantly the act itself. While it’s true that we as people shouldn’t constantly be judging everybody, we absolutely should be judging every decision that we possibly can. As a matter of fact, most people already do. 
You clicked on this column. You made a judgment call. What are you drinking at your desk right now? Coffee, tea, maybe water? That’s a judgment call. What kind of car did you drive into the office? A Government Motors rattle-box or maybe a tightly engineered Honda? Judgment call. 
To have ever admitted to making a mistake, is to have made a very clear-cut and final judgment. 
You jerk.
Yes, there's nothing more fun than being attacked by those doing the thing they claim to hate. (That's a "nice" feature of the Althouse - Hey, guys, who wants to lose an election?) 

My point has always been NewAgers have no idea what they're saying. They just want to make demands long enough to see if you'll do what they say - sans apologies:

Another feature of the Althouse blog, if ever there was one,...

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