Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Finally Found Something That Suits The Times I Live In

I came up in foster homes, which means I wasn't raised by my parents, filling my head with nonsense fairy tales of religion and how perfect I was, but was constantly given guidelines - by strangers - on what was expected of me and the difference between right and wrong. My upbringing was so unique, the rest of the world looks like that, above, almost every time I engage with it. 

 Just plain weird.

And this is why. You see, unlike with the rest of you, becoming a liar wasn't one of the foster care guidelines. Because of my up-bringing, I am actually less likely to lie than the rest of you, more likely to feel disgust towards you for doing it, and I'm happy to expose the lies (and liars) I encounter because it's how I derive fun from living in a world of deception. I don't worry about busting someone else's bubble, or their carefully-constructed facade, I worry about protecting myself.

And - as this speaker makes clear - you're almost all professional liars. I'm the one put-upon here. That's who I've always been. Surrounded by fools who think lying is an acceptable way of life and no compulsion not to lie about it. They want me to join them. Tell me:

Was "medical" marijuana really about helping people with AIDS, or did gays just want to smoke and were willing to exploit anyone and anything - including the deaths of their loved ones - to get what they wanted?

I was there - they're liars.

To me, you're all the gay reach-around artists of my youth, still trying to make me think you're a girl. (The good kids were always their focus, as though gays were demons from Hell, doing Satan's bidding.) Sorry, but I've never been a "Lola" fan, never thought deception was doing the right thing, and never found men or women lying - or the new levels of wannabe "honesty" they've produced - attractive.

 "Character, integrity - that's still what matters - that's always what's going to matter." 

Unless she, and the people running foster homes, were lying.

And - considering everything - that's a real possibility,...

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