Saturday, June 15, 2013

Death Takes A Holiday (But Only From Talking Openly)

Can you hear it again?

That quick, the chumps chimps have calmed down.

The knee-jerk screeching about the NSA and whatnot has just,...stopped.

Their brights are saying this non-scandal's a distraction from the other non-scandals.

Obviously, they're sorting themselves out - while still being brilliantly deluded.

I think the idiots stopped chattering because - after a week of their foolishness - The Collective Unconsciousness' stupidity's cut a back room deal to eventually dawn on them (does anybody know how much money our country, alone, wastes on unnecessary panics each year?)

So now, as if on cue, the monkeys are going back to their usual state, *arrogantly* doubting themselves  and chin-scratching, producing (what they think are) "deep" speculations on what their ingrained, and ever-growing "feelings" (of fear, paranoia, and persecution) mean - besides they're a bunch of faggots, of course.

NTTAWWT. We just,...can't,...go there.

Whatever happened to not being a victim, folks? I'm sure I've heard that, multiple times, somewhere before, from some PRIDE parade-joining imbecile or another. But there is absolutely no way to complain about this NSA shit without assuming the position of VICTIM - and yet, there they are, screaming to high heaven.

On Twitter

But not me - 'cause I'm not a NewAge loser.

I'm still on-point, complaining about THEM. Because I'm still not hip to their delusion:

I've been unfair to call them "unfair" for saying there's no victims as they created them?

Such manipulations, to the American lineage I'm coming from, are evil.

They'll admit they don't know the first thing about what the NSA is up to, but then hit the panic button and go to the mat 24/7, warning we'd better watch out. Meanwhile, you can document every instance of the NSA's accusers being dicks, using exclusionary tactics, and basically acting like whatever they hate, and - patriots that they are - they deny everything, evidence included. If they ever mention it at all.

And then - the best part - they expect their government to do differently. To not follow their example. To not become as big a liars as they are. To not end up wrecking this country, and then being as royally confused by that result, as they have.

If you ask me, they're attacking the NSA because they're afraid it's their Frankenstein.

That's what we're being distracted from.

Who's the real Obama? Ha! I told you, I've always known that:

The question for me has always been who are the rest of you?

I keep telling you, I'm glimpsing how NewAgers "work", in bits and pieces.

I figure, when they shut up for a while, that's when they're doing the same,...

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