Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthing Beatlemania From A Cavern In Germany (Again)


 Quotes from Megan McArdle's "Whistleblowers Are Weird":

"Last night I saw a few tweets from people I respect noting that in coming days, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden may not look as noble as we now think him.  (I hope I'm wrong, one added.)"
"Imagine trash talking your family, your employer, or your country on national television--in a language that none of them speaks. In other words, imagine being disloyal in a way that was not detectable by the people you were betraying.  You probably still wouldn't do it anyway, would you?  It feels wrong.  You would feel bad about yourself if you did it."
"Psychopaths feel no guilt about doing these things--or stealing your money, your wife, and your dog. They are fundamentally untrustworthy, though also, thankfully rare."
"In coming days we will almost certainly realize that Edward Snowden is not like the rest of us. In fact, the details of his resume already released hint as much: a high school dropout somehow turned intelligence worker, who kept his live-in girlfriend in the dark about what he was doing and told her he was going on a business trip while he disappeared to Hong Kong. That's a hell of a way to break up with someone."

I'll stop there, since I never thought of this prick - or his supporters - as "noble."

Other than Edward Snowden causing some kind of destruction back home, I can think of only two things Megan McArdle and her delusional friends (not "we") have actually been rooting for:

1. MORE destruction back home - not just Snowden's girlfriend.

2. Snowden's girlfriend gets over it quickly, so she'll be cool enough to screw other ways.

Rest assured, that's when the screams become so loud you can't hear them playing,....

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