Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slipping Bozo The Tongue (Kids Don't Think Like That,...)

Regarding The New Yorker's gay muppet cover, Canada's Maclean's Magazine reminds us on Feb. 6, 1994, The New York Times Magazine had a few questions for “those who ask about Bert’s and Ernie’s sexual orientation”, including this one:
"5. How long have you been preoccupied with the sex lives of puppets?"

About as long as they've been allowed to co-opt children's programing. There's some wild cognitive dissonance going on here (Whatever happened to Elmo?) almost as serious as Sartre's and the French, if there can be such a thing:
"In his famous introduction to Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth, he writes with unconcealed glee about the prospect of Algerians killing their former masters, which happen to be the French."

Getting everything wrong seems to be a goal, or rather, "helping" others to do so is:
"So the Iraq war was, despite all that went wrong, a good thing; the "overwhelming majority" of Iraqis are (and presumably feel) better off because of it; and the fault for all that has gone wrong is ultimately with Iraqis themselves: It's a remarkable point of view to encounter in June 2013."

We're also watching everything fracturing under the strain of so many lies and misinformation:
"Bono: George Bush, Evangelicals Saved 9 Million AIDS Victims"

Watch how we treat kids, for whether we're coming to our senses or not,...

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