Friday, June 28, 2013

Smiling Faces

You have to wonder, at 60 years old, what decade (or century) Ann Althouse thinks she's living in:
"You took the opportunity to oppress when it was there, and now that it's gone, you want to say you are oppressed. Man up, losers."

Who is she talking about? Who "took the opportunity to oppress when it was there"? It's like me railing against slave owners (who delusional Ann more reminds me of) rather than accepting everybody here, now, found the world this way, too. I was a gay man's caretaker. Does that fit "the opportunity to oppress" narrative she's spinning about straight men today? Or will she ever understand A) she doesn't have a clue about us, and B) her stupid ass is part of the problem?

I mean, if you pick a fight, you get a fight. Is that so difficult to figure out? 

"Whatever happens happens" as Roger L. Simon said.

I've made the point if they demand we go there - the weak lose.

Are you starting to get it yet?

She says we should "Man up" but - for thinking and acting like men - we've also heard her bullshit. We're already used to women being "dissatisfied" but this is ridiculous.

What she's ultimately saying is America's a zero sum game to her - winners/losers - which is why I bag on her feminist ass. I don't buy her bullshit for a minute. She's an oikaphobe.

That lack of a connection to the country is why The Civil Rights Movement, which wasn't filled with venom, cynicism, or out for revenge, was different.

It was for America. America's why blacks marched.

Whatever his faults, MLK never aspired to defeat anybody. 

He didn't, and wouldn't, lead a Black Power Movement.

It's only when Ann's generation - of all stripes - got there that everything went so wrong,...

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  1. "Man up losers"? I don't think folks like her should really be egging that one on; I really don't.

    Now they're just kicking the dog for fun, for shits and giggles...and a dog's only got so many kicks he can take in him.
    Dog will either run away, or curl up and die (in which case you just lost your dog -- which can be handy things to have about)...or it'll get real mean (and dogs bite pretty hard).


    These dumb bastards are going to serve this country up on a platter; I'm not wagering past a decade at this rate.