Saturday, June 15, 2013

Getting Off On This Planet (Or Any Others) Politically

In November, the center right unsuccessfully tried electing the Mormon cult to power, only to discover a few months later - to their horror - it's already happened with their blessing:
"The NSA's new $1.7bn facility in the heart of Mormon country has the potential to snoop on US citizens for decades to come"
I think now, hindsight being 20/20, they'll agree with Rick Santorum: 

 "Keep Romney With His Staff" would've been a much more honest campaign,...

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  1. Sadly, I don't think they would [agree with Rick Santorum]. As for that NSA facility -- hah, yeah...and to be sure sticking it in Utah (which lobbied strongly to get it put there) means that a lot of Mormons have access to that material (which wasn't really all that bright...when you face the truth that for far too many of them their religious views don't just color but dominate their POV and how they operate).

    It's the freaking key for the GOP; it actually takes care of just about every race or gender issue they've got, and (most importantly) it's what our country is supposed to stand for (even the littlest of guys gets their voice). However, they (the special, blog chattering class and their loyal fans) are way too addicted to their ideologies, their specialness...their "spirituality" (bleck).


    And the funny thing is: I kept saying if they ran Rick, really let him loose, he'd hit a chord with large segments of the American people -- the everyday folks -- because they didn't feel that he spoke down to them, and he stuck to what he believed (and even if you don't agree with him, you knew what he was and had an idea how he'd react in situations). Especially the Democrat voters, who, after a few years started to have misgivings on the way they behaved during W's terms (and they are out there...among the everyday people, who don't get heard by the blogs, who have no loyalty to any ideology...W is starting to be missed, not because they agreed with him all the time, but because they look back and realized that deep down they could trust him to jump a certain way and he didn't talk down to them). The only ones who ever seemed to pick up on that were here and The Other McCain (and he shouldn't have changed his tune imhao -- would have gotten more respect from me if he'd stuck to his guns).
    Oh well...