Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Keeping Everything Level (When It's All Out Of Balance)

Ramesh Ponnuru has a funny voice - and some advice for the Republican Party:
"Young voters are less likely than older voters to be married, white or Christian, all of which would make them less likely to be Republicans even if they were older. The party’s poor performance among young voters is partly a sign that they do badly with nonwhites and that nonwhites are a growing share of voters. 
It is probably a mistake for Republicans to spend a lot of time targeting young voters. They should concentrate more, for example, on doing better among nonwhite voters, which would improve their numbers among the young, too. And above all, they ought to have something more compelling to say about voters’ daily economic concerns. Young voters are just like their elders in wanting that."

Not bad, not bad. Camille Paglia is suggesting we think of Joan Rivers as an 'Iconic Feminist Role Model', which I also don't have a problem with. I don't know how much I care about the Chinese farmer jailed for making a rubber alien. He was in China and it's not nice to fool people.

Mick Jagger admired Margaret Thatcher. That's alright. And if the “golden age” of magazines was brought to me by white dudes, well, more power to 'em. They're probably responsible for a lot of shit.

If we're honest,...

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