Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And On the Good Side,...Laughter, II

There's really nothing funny about people actually being killed like this (especially if you were me) but, Oh what the hell:

This is the macabre "reality" I've been introduced to, and, I guess, this is the world the rest of you want, right? Wait - forgive me - I forgot:

According to some of the wonderful comments I get, the rest of you don't care.

It's much more important for me to act happy about this form of death, coupled with my divorce, and, then, discovering the rest of our world's gone insane, too - it wasn't just my ex! She got it from the rest of you! - which lets you go on pretending everything's A-O.K..

Sorry - No thanks. I'll stay a human being and be pissed.

It just feels right.

Hat Tip: Respectful Insolence


  1. Good, you found the link on overcoming resentment after divorce - did you read it?

    Thinking about yourself as a victim and complaining to anyone who will listen about how badly you've been treated can be satisfying in short bursts, but it would be a hell of a waste to spend the rest of your life that way - here's hoping you figure it out.

  2. Fuck you, Brad, you're an idiot. How badly I've been treated? There are three dead bodies I have to contend with here, don't you get that? Their deaths were completely preventable except we live in a culture that encouraged their murder. How am I supposed to feel better in such an environment? Your stupid "move on" bullshit is part of that: We shouldn't be moving on but dealing with it, so it doesn't happen again.

    Here's hoping you figure that out.

  3. There are three dead bodies I have to contend with here, don't you get that?


    #1. One possibility is that your ex-wife is some sort of dangerous cult member who murdered three people and hid their bodies in your house before leading the police on an international manhunt.

    In which case I'm awfully surprised that that this case was never on "America's Most Wanted" or "Unsolved Mysteries."

    #2. On the other hand, you may just be a bitter middle-aged divorcee who is sad that a couple of his in-laws died of old age or cancer or whatever, despite the fact that they were meditating and eating wheat germ.

    In which case you aren't the "special victim" you paint yourself as on this blog - if anything, you're in about the same boat as 50% of your fellow Americans.

    Perspective, Mr. Macho.

  4. Oh, Brad, why do you persist? Didn't I tell you you were an idiot? You assume much, and know little, but, still, you throw yourself out there, with your bulging arsenal of worthless pop psychology. Anyways, here it comes, genius:

    #1. No, you wouldn't have seen this on America's Most Wanted (because the murders in question took place in France) but they have been covered, repeatedly, in french newspapers and magazines. (Don't you feel stupid?) There was no hiding of bodies (where that assumption came from, I don't know, but is pretty good evidence of my charge you're an idiot. Possibly delusional, too.) but it's more of a case of something hiding in plain sight: As has been made clear, when "spirituality" is involved in murder, believers in law enforcement and legal land can become weird and, so, things can get,...let's say complicated, when it comes to administering justice for these crimes. That's partially why I do what I'm doing: it's screwy and wrong.

    I won't bore you with the details of such complications - as your outlook on divorce has already proven you don't have the faculties to process equations more involved than A+B must equal C - but I will add that you do a disservice to your fellow man by making such assertions. Especially, in your case, by adding insult to injury. You're an evil idiot for what you're doing, Brad, and should really sit down and shut up. You know nothing and cause nothing but pain. You're not righting any wrong or helping anyone; you're just a harmful, stupid, insulting dummy.

    #2. My mother-in-law was neither a meditator or willing to try wheat germ. Her daughter (my ex-wife) was doing all that and lots, lots more - that's why (like all cultists - including the Obots) she was drawn into hurting others. She was practically a fictional character to me once I discovered how far her "beliefs" ran - much like you and your outlandish "beliefs" of how divorce can effect people. As I said, you know nothing.

    Like, if you knew me, you would find there is very little that is typical about me. One thing that is typical about me - which you don't get or (more evidence of stupidity:) care to inquire about - is something shared by most husband's:

    I didn't even like my mother-in-law, you dipshit.

    I'm not pleading "special victim" status. (Where'd you get that from, too? Man, you just make shit up like you're on acid:) I'm saying outlooks like yours make us all victims because, well, look at you: attacking someone in pain. How does that make you feel about yourself? What do you really think you're doing by attacking such people? If I'm right - and I am - that there's a terrible injustice going on out there, why are you on the wrong side - and defending that injustice? (Answer: you're an idiot - another topic of this blog, by the way.) You're like a racist slave owner, screaming about his pride in an institution that not only ate away at the humanity of his chattel, but his own. Give it up, dude: It's a loser, all the way around. And, if 50% of my fellow Americans are also going through what I am (which I doubt because there's these little murders involved) then your "get over it" mantra - which is useless in the face of such intense human emotions - is making matters worse for way more of humanity than just me. One more time:

    You're an idiot, Brad. Try that "perspective".

  5. You're not the first person in human history to go through an ugly divorce and have a couple of elderly relatives die - even of medical malpractice. Those things are a part of life for most people.

    But, based on your google history it looks like you've been beating this same drum for years now, so if the "drama queen" thing is working for you, well - I guess it's a free country.

    Take it easy.

  6. Not one word about how wrong you were about the circumstances of my situation - but still decided to pontificate on it as though you knew something? Wow. How brave and honest you are as well. A real man.

    Anyway, thank you.

    You are truly a sadistic psycho. (I don't get to meet many of them.) To actually think, because other people suffer horrors, that should make the ones I've experienced easier to deal with is very condescending of you. I'll try to take comfort in that thought.

    And in the thought that your punk ass don't do shit about such horrors but compound them.

    It's truly a wonderful thing.

    Thank you for your (inhuman) efforts, and know that you can feel even more smug about this one bit of happiness you've brought me - I am so glad I can finally say this:


  7. Oh - and by the way - it was one relative, not "a couple".

    Like i said before, you're an idiot who's wrong about everything.