Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And On the Good Side,...Laughter, II

There's really nothing funny about people actually being killed like this (especially if you were me) but, Oh what the hell:

This is the macabre "reality" I've been introduced to, and, I guess, this is the world the rest of you want, right? Wait - forgive me - I forgot:

According to some of the wonderful comments I get, the rest of you don't care.

It's much more important for me to act happy about this form of death, coupled with my divorce, and, then, discovering the rest of our world's gone insane, too - it wasn't just my ex! She got it from the rest of you! - which lets you go on pretending everything's A-O.K..

Sorry - No thanks. I'll stay a human being and be pissed.

It just feels right.

Hat Tip: Respectful Insolence