Sunday, June 9, 2013

Popping A Can Of Whoop-Ass (Past The Expiration Date)


As everyone tries to deny the hippie's metaphysical underpinnings for this NewAge world, as usual, while looking at something else - in this case an article on the overwhelming influence of Stewart Brand and his Whole Earth Catalog - the evidence of the believer's delusion is everywhere:
"We are as gods and might as well get good at it."

That's what our leaders can't handle being mentioned now, as they mature into old age - that they had just the right mixture of foolishness, and self-absorption, to believe such nonsense. They still do believe it, evidence be damned. 

And which is why "damned" may be just what the rest of us are. 


 No "Sympathy for the Devil" 

It is said quite often the 60s ended at the Altamount Speeedway, when the tweaked-out Hell's Angels -  acting as "security" - murdered a black man in front of movie cameras, a crowd of hippie cowards who did nothing, and the Rolling Stones playing their famous tribute to Satan.


 But what's less often mentioned is that most horrible of occasions was also, certainly, the birth of the NewAge world the Boomers left us, too. So today, the United States has to whither as a nation, because later generations are a captive audience forced to wait - for either the Boomer's huge, arrogant, and cowardly numbers to ever-so-slowly realize the necessity of renouncing their folly, or they'll hopefully get out of the way (either by choice or through death) in time - for more rational heads to prevail over the monster of a mess they've deliberately unleashed on us. 


 To make matters even worse, they (and their idiot progeny) are evangelicals. They won't shut-up, and are always out to "raise awareness" of their silly ideas. So, not only must we watch as our birthright is destroyed, but we're stuck listening to them, ignorantly and cultishly babbling the Hitler Youth slogan of "Mind/Body/Spirit," like a nation of vampires at feeding time. Here's the truth of what they're selling:
"It may have been the entire function of communes to go big, fail and then go home. At the time we thought we were reinventing civilisation but all we discovered is that free love isn't free at all, that [when] one guy puts up all the money for your commune he is going to feel robbed after a period of six to 12 months, that gardening is actually hard, and that if you treat your women as people who are supposed to wash the dishes, they will leave after six months."

 Thanks, asshole - nice to know they at least were fortunate enough to get away from you. But what about the rest of us? At who's expense did all this "reinventing civilisation" happen, as you idiots spread what was really an instant route to anxiety - and divorce - as some inescapable hybrid American/North Korean version of our glorious future?

I did find one glimmer of hope from reading Stewart Brand's history:
"Think about the Bay Area in the early 60s. He could have focused on antiwar protests, on fluorescent parties, on any number of things. He goes to a basement in Stanford and watches people run a computer game."

Meaning - as the rest are fighting war (an impossible battle to win) "trying" to get laid (because you lack the imagination to "attract" others) or "save the planet" and find "themselves", etc. - in their self-imposed (and involved) ignorance, they (and even Stewart Brand) still can't grasp reality: 


The NewAge's highest achievement is leaving us the tool for dismantling it's vision,...

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