Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rap Can Cover Issues With Cheating Women Pretty Well

This is Ginuwine from Timbalind's finishing school (former graduates include Missy Elliott and Justine Timberlake) getting the full benefit of the master's production skills for a song about the perils of cheating. All of Tim's trademarks are there:

The beat that's really a funky mathematical equation, the oddball sample out of left field (you have to stay until the end to hear it clearly) and Tim adding his own background vocal "encouragement" from the production booth on his protege's song, which I find annoying but (since he's a producer and not a Rapper) probably adds ten percentage points to sales because, it's obvious, the track was made by HIM

Really, this isn't the best track in the world, but the man can really write a beat.

The cheating thing is the big surprise. Along with Justin Timberlake's previous Britney Spears-inspired break-up hits, "Cry Me a River" and "What Goes Around... Comes Around" (above, both produced by Timbalind) the hottest producer on the planet seems to be moved by (and finding gold in) the subject.

Previously, before Timbalind came along, the king of all Rap break-up songs was Eamon's "Fuck It (I Dont Want You Back)", a tune I discovered in France where, hilariously, they didn't understand the lyrics and thought it was a love song. (In a supermarket in Luxembourg, I used to hear some of the most vicious gangsta Rap I've ever heard in my life - with old people bouncing along to it, it was surreal,...) 

Unfortunately for Eamon, he was a little bitch and his girlfriend, Frankee - yes, with two "e"s - took his song and kicked him in the nuts with it.

And, since we're now wallowing in the "F-word," I'd be remiss if I didn't include Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" in there. It's technically not a Rap song, but since Cee-Lo was originally from the Rap group Goodie Mob, what the hell.

Cee-Lo, as Gnarls Barkley, also made "Who's Gonna Save My Soul?" (with his partner DJ Danger Mouse) one of the more graphic (and honest) depictions of male heartbreak out there.

Don't let this happen to you,...

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