Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Theory: JFK And MLK Were Shot By Jealous Husbands

"If only everyone were nonviolent, wouldn't that be nice?" -- Ann Althouse 
Ask Charlie Manson, Oh Great Baby Boomer who vowed to stay married and couldn't even pull off that individual commitment to simply loving one of your fellow men. 

 Boomers are amazing sometimes - always demanding, nudging, and/or wishing others would create the well-run society they were always too frisky to participate in. How they ever expected a non-violent world out of the disasters they "left" us (political pun, intended) is anybody's guess.

They high-jacked the Civil Rights Movement to suck dick.

After they're gone (and we're finally done with them polishing their own knobs) it'll be divorce and all it's real-world ramifications for others - the destruction, hatred, confusion, abandonment, poverty, death, etc. - that will be their ultimate legacy.

America's destruction was NOT "Have A Nice Day". 

 It'll take generations to fix what they've done to us - and won't that be really (not superficially) "nice"? 

All the hippies/NewAgers/feminists/gays, etc., taught us is whores love everybody - and they could create them faster than any other generation in history.

"Love the one you're with,..."


  1. The both could have been shot by jealous husbands, but there is no proof JFK stuppted Oswald's Russian wife or MLK stuppted Ray's wife. But hey, it is a theory.

  2. LOL!
    Reminds me of my dad's big beef with MLK: "I have problems with him because he is a whoremonger -- the message seems good, parts of it are good...but it's coming from a whoremonger, and they really can't be trusted".
    and you know...JFK's probably caught the syphilis![because...whoremonger]

    I find myself missing my now dead family sometimes (the commentary concerning "have a nice day" could fill the chapter of a book).