Monday, July 13, 2009

I Want My Old Life Back (And I'm Going To Get It)

Somebody just sent me this MADTV video to cheer me up, and it worked, reminding me of the life I enjoyed before all this NewAge nonsense entered my world. Whoever you are, Anonymous, "thanks".

Man, it's been a bum four years. From the first night I walked into my bedroom and asked, ""Honey, are you in a cult?", and my wife didn't say, "What the hell are you talking about?", it's just been one long social disaster. Like, right now, I can't see how Barack Obama can look at a girl's ass and it garners massive interest, and millions of comments world-wide, but a black American can say, "My ex-wife was taken advantage of, sexually, by a homeopath and, together, they have killed three people (the first one being her own mother - and provide proof of all of it - and the two of them are not in prison) but all I get is a smattering of comments, with most of them along the lines of "Get off the internet!" or "You're a pussy!"

The idea there are two killers walking freely, either here or in France, apparently bothers no one. What seems to be of major concern - and must be stopped at all cost - is me being upset enough to blog about it. I just can't see how that works.

Or rather, I can, and it bothers me - a lot.

Years ago, before I knew anything about NewAge, I told a friend of mine my then-wife had come home declaring she could walk through walls. His answer? "Don't worry about, it's harmless." - and, then, he gave me some stupid book about a talking gorilla concerned about the environment.

Years later, after my marriage came apart, I spent a year reading my wife's diaries, listening to cassette tapes she made with various "psychics" and "mediums", and reading every NewAge book she owned - only to discover this madness I was learning about could be found on Oprah and other popular TV programs (including those on PBS) and in our movies; in the mouths of celebrities and politicians - but, now, hardly anyone thought what used to be called "flakey" beliefs were strange at all. Oprah isn't a woman who spreads misinformation and quackery - she's seen as probably "the most moral woman in America". Gavin Newsom, the NewAge mayor of San Francisco (easily one of the cult capitals of the world) sleeps with his campaign manager and best friend's wife, only to sail to a re-election victory with 75% of the vote - because he stood up for gay marriage. (His best friend's marriage was obviously worthless in comparison.)

Homeopathy is sold in every "progressive" store in the world, though it's supposedly nothing but water or sugar pills. People say it, too, is "harmless" though 900 people just lost their sense of smell from using it, a couple of parents just got convicted of manslaughter for killing their kid with it, and I've documented countless deaths and other mishaps from this dangerous belief and the cult that supports it. But there's nary a peep from the news media asking why or how we've slipped the bounds of reason enough that this is so.

All I see is The New York Times, and countless other newspapers, supporting these ideas. I see TIME Magazine supporting these ideas. I see what seems like almost everyone supporting every solipsistic belief they can get their hands on, and the flakier the spokesman the better. Andrew Weil believes in Uri Geller's spoon-bending abilities? Well let's get our medical advice from him! Deepak Chopra was a follower of the Maharishi and, together, they tried to run a scam on the Journal of the American Medical Association? Why, let's get medical (and political) advice from him, too! Being a lying quack is, clearly, the perfect credential for credibility in the mediasphere these days.

And in politics: Dennis Kucinich saw a U.F.O. while standing on Shirley McLaine's balcony - he must know what's going on! Tom Harmon thinks bee pollen cured his asthma - and disses any scientist who suggests otherwise - let's put him in charge of healthcare! Barack Obama's main qualification for the presidency was that he had no qualifications for the presidency!!! Yes, yes, it's all making sense to me now!

At the end of Alice In Wonderland, the poor terrified girl is being chased by the Red Queen's army when, all of a sudden, she gets angry and - grasping reality -she spins on the soldiers, shouting, "I'm not afraid of you! You just a silly deck of cards!!" and - poof! - just like that, that's exactly what they returned to being.

That, my friends, is The Macho Response. And whether anyone likes it, understands it, or hates it, I'm going to keep that attitude until either this nonsense is destroyed or I am. I've told you: I am the new Black Lightning, working on a broken computer - and with a broken heart. And, as much as I hate the words, for now on, as I work to expose and eliminate NewAge from the public sphere, I am going to give the millions of apologists for the "spiritual" underpinnings of liberalism the very same reply they've given me as they've rejected cultism and reason as the obvious answers to the belief problems - including "Hope and Change" - that they've created for us all:

"I don't care."


  1. My ex-wife... [and a] homeopath... have killed three people (the first one being her own mother... and the two of them are not in prison


    What was the murder weapon and what were your ex-wife and her BF actually charged with?

    Were they ever tried before a jury, and if so what was the outcome?

    You mention that they aren't in prison - were they found innocent? Were they acquited...?

  2. Hi Brad,

    Good questions all, but I don't have a lot of time right now, so I'm keeping it brief:

    In the case of my mother-in-law, the "murder weapon" was a belief in homeopathy to cure illness - just as with the parents who killed their kid.

    I was just reading on a blog, this morning, that the police are now involved - why or how I don't know.

    The most concrete move, so far, is the "doctor" has had his medical license removed or suspended.

    Gotta go - I'll speak.

  3. Yes, murder and manslaughter are both illegal in France so it would be the great surprise if police were not involved.

    Look forward to hearing more about this case. Do you know where they are being held in preparation for such proceedings?

    Unfortunately "Devil's Island" is no longer in operation.

  4. Crack Emcee
    I love your blog. And I'm also concerned about the poison of NewAge thinking. Keep up the great work.

  5. I know you want people to take up your cause but your problem, as I see it, is that you don't distinguish between different groups, different curatives, different causes. I'm not saying it's hard for people to sympathise with your plight (though it has to be said that more than a few of us have been through divorce and come out the other side), but you need to narrow your focus and show that you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

    NewAge isn't the driving force of liberalism any more than fundamentalism is the driving force for a conservative value system. They cosy up together on the same side but you, as a conservative atheist, do no good service to left-thinking people who are as hardbitten and rationalist as the best of them.

    To feel outrage at CEOs of failed banks using their bail-out money to further their own ends, with no regard to the taxpayer who is funding this, requires no belief in an afterlife or the Tarot. This much is obvious.

    And what are the pre-requisites for becoming President? Being a B movie actor? A peanut farmer? A grocery clerk? A failed businessman and draft dodger? The qualities that go to make up a good leader will more likely manifest during the incumbent's term in office; qualities such as preventing the worst effects of an attack or natural disaster..

  6. Chad,

    To talk only of divorce, and not murder, in my case does a disservice to my argument. I've met other divorcees and they've got nothing to compare. Not to mention that "No Fault Divorce", whether someone came through it O.K. or not, is an inherently unfair, demoralizing, and despicable practice. (And I'm speaking as someone who "won" mine.)

    And who are these "left-thinking people who are as hardbitten and rationalist as the best of them"? Where's Barack Obama's opposition on the Left? I'm asking seriously. I was raised on the Left and I've never seen them. Please, point them out.

    I don't "feel outrage at CEOs" but at the American people themselves, for deciding we're a bunch of quick change artists, looking for the easy bucks. To single out CEOs is a cop-out: We've denigrated our culture, man. That class warfare shit is liberal BS: blame yourselves. CEOs don't parade the Oprah's and the Paris Hilton's before us. CEOs weren't alone in Enron or Bernie Madoff. CEOs didn't blow New Orleans' money for barriers or name it "The Big Easy". Americans - and quite a large chunk of them - did all that. Playing class warfare is merely a way to avoid responsibility for a sick culture too many applauded for much too long. As I've said, time and time again, it's time to grow up and playing the European game of blaming the rich for everything is no answer: Blame yourselves.

    Finally, you do a(nother) disservice to Reagan (president of the Screen Actors Guild with a long history in conservative politics before defeating the Soviet Union) and President Bush (Two term Governor of the largest state in the nation, who did prevent "the worst effects of an attack or natural disaster..") by mentioning them in the same breath as Jimmy Carter - easily the worst president in modern times - who resembles no one more than Barack Obama in his approach to the world.

    From where we sit, today, I'd say the ultimate pre-requisite for becoming President is an unwillingness to dance the Anti-American two-step (something you can't put on Reagan or Bush): Either you're down with us or you ain't - period. This idea that our young nation is naively out to make friends with these old, crafty, assortments who have spent centuries Looking Out For Number One is ludicrous. We must demand respect. That's all they understand because that's all that matters. This is an extremely dangerous world and the last thing any state wants to do is wind up on the latest episode of Punk'd. I thought 9/11 would've taught us that, already, but no. We're the mightiest nation on earth but about every 25 years or so, we go insane and decide we want to see what it's like to ride in the bitch seat once more. Well, guess what? It ain't no fun, and every nation that talks us into it laughs at us for being so stupid not to remember the last time AKA The Carter Years.

    Look, man, as a black conservative atheist I'm charting a different course, so far best expressed by Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention of 2004. The difference is I mean it: I'm not kow-towing to race. I'm not kow-towing to religion. I'm not afraid to wrap myself in the flag while using the pole as a spear. This is my/our home. Not Europe, Africa, or any of these other places demanding to have a say in it. We are "The New World" not them. And the sooner they learn that the better. Same for the believers. It's over for me.

    I'm simply done with it all.

  7. Chad,

    Wow - I wasn't as eloquent as this but, I think, we've kind of got the same idea.

  8. In the case of my mother-in-law, the "murder weapon" was a belief in homeopathy to cure illness - just as with the parents who killed their kid.


    I get that your ex-wife had weird beliefs, but what was she actually charged with, criminally?

  9. You're going to love this!

  10. Brad,

    Neither she, nor the quack, have been charged with anything. That's what, I think, the police involvement is getting to. It should be three counts of (possibly involuntary) manslaughter, at the least.

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