Friday, June 7, 2013

Life's A Mystery (Especially The Part About This Stuff)


 Paris Jackson's recent suicide attempt is causing a bit of, shall we say, "soul searching":
“There is a high incidence of suicide attempts and cutting among [Jehovah's Witness] children. They’re told to go to all the meetings; they’re told Armageddon is coming; they’re told they need to go door-to-door to hand out materials. Kids with minds of their own develop problems with these demands and act out in various ways. Suicide attempts are not uncommon.”

 The poor kids. "Suicide attempts are not uncommon"? Not as "uncommon" as an education on cultism, but nice to know anyway, huh? And only in Cult World™ can Americans "with minds of their own" be considered "problems," because (correct me if I'm mistaken) but, as far as I know, raising independent thinkers was supposed to be the goal of the American education system, right? 

Instead we're churning out pierced and tattooed freaks, obsessed with shallow (and really bad) sex, coupled with a pointless sense of rebellion, until - like a time-released capsule - they give it all up to Jesus (or another suitable replacement) in an attempt to fill their empty, ignorant, inner lives with more of the same,...just spiced differently. 

And we're not supposed to notice. We're targeted if we do, like in Logan's Run

That's the real "problems with these demands" that "develop" out there.

 That, and the fact - once they're after you - you've absolutely no protection from them what-so-ever because everybody's become so damned "tolerant" of why they're after you to begin with. 

Look at how they write this stuff. Or even that they write this stuff. Like it's the most normal thing in the world to have fanatics coming to American homes, trying to convert us, so all we need is a little more education about them to make it understandable - and we more "tolerant" - as the kids keep trying to kill themselves in the shadow of their glory. (That was the Left's argument at the start of the war, it's now their argument for gay rights, and it's always been their argument for cults of every stripe - quite the trifecta.) 

So we find ourselves hiding under the couch with the blinds drawn when they come around, big deal. What we won't do - under any circumstance - is stop their fanaticism. 

They'll try to stop what they see as mine, though, but that's obvious:

I already know what "under any circumstance" really means,...

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