Friday, June 7, 2013

Read, White, And Singing The Blues (Which Ann Called "Bellyaching" When Black Folks Do It - But Not Gays,...)

As a blogger, it's comforting to know I can always count on Ann Althouse:
“Selecting that Andrew Sullivan quote for this post, I didn't think about the fact that it's one gay man commenting on another gay man, but I'm thinking about it now,...”
She's really great because, no matter what she thinks she's talking about, there's always that moment - like the one above - where she goes off the rails and (garbage in/garbage out) you know there's no need to read further. 

 See, if I was to write a post on, say, Clarence Thomas, would Ann be like, "Wow - it's a black guy - actually talking about a black guy!"? No, she wouldn't (and never has) because the reality is A) there's nothing particularly remarkable about it - gays have always been Chatty Cathy's - and B) she's only saying it because she doesn't give half-a-fuck about blacks like she does gays. 

Everything they do is reason for her to do some really, really deep thinking.

Blacks, on the other hand, are just here to provide the Civil Rights argument for her kid - we're not actually people, or even a people (as she seems to think gays are) with issues to be respected or even thought about. 

If we were, she'd acknowledge blacks didn't die for homosexuality, and - being a lawyer - come up with some original arguments that don't involve dragging us where we don't belong nor (as every poll shows) want to be. 

We all know (from the full-court "Will & Grace" media blitz) everyone will bend over backwards not to offend gays right now. Blacks, not so much. Especially when it comes to gays and their supporters. We have to suck it up - still. I'm sure, subversive little fucks that they are, they get a special thrill from the association - knowing we don't want it made and doing it anyway - but that's not respect either, it's just pervs getting another hard-on and thinking we should be flattered to see it. 

 They never think, how blacks can be so important to their argument, but so unimportant - as human beings - that they'll walk over and/or appropriate our most treasured accomplishment. 

But sadly - when it comes to a certain strain of American - that's nothing new: 

No matter who's doing it, exploiting us is - still - as American as apple pie,...