Thursday, June 6, 2013

When My Music Comes Out They'll Hate Me (For Not Shutting Up About My Experiences With Them, The Songs I'm Writing About Them, And The Fact They Didn't Treat Me Right When They Had The Chance To Do So)

It's a good thing Ann Althouse, her "husband" Meade, and Glenn Reynolds, etc., think I'm wasting my time on seriously covering what they won't - you know, like the daily exploitation of the poor:
"Ghost Stories: Scams Targeting S.F.'s Cantonese Community Reveal the Terrible Power of Belief"

Terrible? No way! "You can believe what you want to believe" so our super-smart online leadership is more concerned with other things, like hyping political scandals that aren't there, informing us on unorthodox sexual preferences (a favorite topic of this screwy crew) and - my personal favorite from Instapundit today - Relationship Advice From Gwyneth Paltrow! (Thanks, Big Guy,..)

  This quote actually made me laugh out loud, since Ann posted it in one of her bullshit Instapundit/Althouse tag-team sessions:
"Frankly, whenever I see a complaint alleging racism these days, I assume it’s a political hatchet job by political hacks." 
"That assumption is generally borne out," says Instapundit,...

And all those blacks he has contributing to his blog proves it. All those black themed posts, too (not the ones criticizing us) they add up.

Shit, Glenn doesn't even cover topics blacks would find interesting. Mostly it's just attack-attack-attack from Glenn, reflecting the current sick bent of conservative politics generally.

He put a link to some techno tracks recently - he's never done that for Rap. It's a tell, like someone claiming to like "all kinds of music" and knowing you won't find any *of one specific kind* in their collection.

I guess you have to be black to notice.

Althouse thinks blacks are pets. 

And Meade? His second "marriage" proves he's just confused.

But none of it's racism. It's just Our Great White (Blog) Father, a big-time college professor who is, I don't know, completely ignorant of, and/or choosing to ignore, a huge portion of the American people (I don't think he's ever even published a photo of himself with blacks - because we don't exist in his world, probably - especially blacks like me) and all of that is because he's so fucking aware of how racism works. 

Which ain't as good as I know him. What he finds important -and what makes him tick.

As long as I've been reading him, it ain't ever been racism - no matter who gets hurt.

It just "happens" and will keep doing so - from neglect.

You know, like what happens to the poor with those "spiritual" con men.

Andrew Breitbart was a far superior human being to these guys.

And BTW - last time I checked, I wasn't a political hack, don't call people racists casually, and I've always stated on this blog that those who spout assumptions publicly, as fact, are idiots and assholes. 

The election - when Ann, Meade, and Glenn assumed Romney's win - proved that,...

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