Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Britney Houston: The Crack Emcee E.P.

We've been working on a new 7-song release, called Britney Houston: The Crack Emcee E. P., that's filled with a bunch of post-divorce tracks we found laying around (yes, some are about NewAge) but, because they're a collection of (in some cases) really personal things, and some "scrap" demos, we've been kinda slow in rolling it out. But also, since we've been telling you, since like forever, we were going to do it (and collecting your money for it) it looks like it might be on it's way after all.

Here's the second track - "I Am The Crack Emcee" - which we've had up on MySpace for a while at another location. (A location that's coming down.) This new link leads to where Britney Houston's tracks, and whatever follows, will soon appear:

Hope you like it - it's better than most!

And support Tea Partiers in the arts! It's important!


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