Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Forget The "Dead-On" Obama Impression,...

...there's something really annoying about how this Canadian kid says "my movie". What's he got that movie for again? Bangs? We don't get it. It's definitely not for artistic achievement, because we follow that.

Hell, considering how worthless and shallow everything is nowadays, we expect to wake up tomorrow and somebody, somewhere, somehow, will be giving him a Lifetime Achievement Award - without us ever figuring out why.

UPDATE: Just caught a few of The Beib's Rolling Stone quotes and he doesn't sound like a complete loser - he's saving sex for someone he loves and he's anti-abortion? Not bad for a kid - but he's still Canadian, which, by default, means he'll never be cool,...well, that and the bangs. Geez. Girls are a trip.

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