Monday, February 28, 2011

Once Again, It's The Religious BS That Blows It

Debra J. Saunders hits Newt Gingrich squarely on his wandering head:
I have better things to do than question the personal life of a presidential hopeful. But there is no getting away from Gingrich's messy personal life. It does not speak well for his character or his judgment.

And here's the worst part: A truly sensible man with a past would know enough to keep his mouth shut about his marital history. Instead, Gingrich and wife Callista trumpet their religious views -- and Gingrich's conversion to a religion that does not accept divorce -- so that there is no ignoring that they got together when he was married and that they married because he divorced.

Memo to the Newter: If you want people to remember the things you are proud of, stop rubbing their noses in the conduct of which you should not be proud.

I would like to look at Newt Gingrich and not think about what a heel he has been. But he won't let me.
Unlike Mrs. Saunders, we're not trying to see Newt as anything other than what he is - a political operator, a serial liar, and a cheat - and wouldn't consider voting for him under any circumstances. His constant, quarterly, claim to be running for president does nothing but damage the Republican brand and, if he was so smart, he'd know that, sit down and shut up.

But, then, we've never considered him that smart to begin with.

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