Friday, February 11, 2011

If They Didn't Say It For Bush It Doesn't Count

That's the rule. Don't come at us now, speaking of "respect", when you let your followers boo the last guy as he exited with class - and after 8 years of the most vile behavior seen in modern politics. Just shut up, take your lumps, and go away:

And why should we listen to someone who has brought American television one charlatan, cultist, and liar, after another - Barack Obama being the biggest?

Oprah Winfrey needs to put a sock in it because, honestly, Obama's critics are much better people than she ever was - and, we're sure, she doesn't want such a comparison to be made - or else we might start asking if The Secret (which she said she totally believed in and, also, claimed was science and worked) shouldn't have turned Obama's presidency around by now,...?

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