Sunday, February 27, 2011

Considering How Stupid They Are, It's Truly A Wonder NewAgers Are Allowed To Have Kids

Now here's some good news if you're into protecting children from quackery:
After over 30 years of publication, Mothering Magazine is leaving the shelves. Mothering will continue as a web-only organization, but the magazine has printed its last issue.

Mothering has long catered to hippie mamas, featuring stories on attachment parenting, cosleeping, natural foods and creative play. The magazine, and more recently the message boards, have been a home base for parents with an alternative viewpoint for generations.
Yeah, "hippie mamas" and "an alternative viewpoint". That means, as you can see above, whether or not you should get your child vaccinated was up for debate, even if there was nothing - absolutely nothing - to support not getting it done. And look at this issue:

Yes, blurb #4 is for reflexology, probably one of the stupidest scam "treatments" in the "alternative" medicine canon - and seriously, considering how stupid a lot of them are, that's saying something!

Unfortunately, Mothering isn't disappearing entirely, and they'll still be around to spread misinformation online. As one commenter cried:
I paid for a year long subscription about a month ago and they took my money. I love the magazine, but that sucks!
Hey, lady - when it comes to scam artists - you gets what you pay for, Dearie, you gets what you pay for.

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