Saturday, February 19, 2011

Put This Guy In Black Face (And You Got Us)

O.K., we have some good news and some bad news; here's the good news first:

We scored a 75.76% on the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's 2008 Civic Literacy Exam. Sure, we could've done better but, considering we didn't study or even plan on taking a Civic Literacy Exam, not too shabby.

Now comes the bad news:

The average score for all 2,508 Americans who took the damned thing was a demoralizing 49%, college educators scored a lousy 55% (We've told you we were smarter than them!) and the average score for our brilliant elected officials was (are you ready?) an embarrassingly dismal 44%. That's right:

The average citizen knows more about the United States than the folks running the joint - surprised?

We aren't, and we think (coupled with our extensive knowledge of NewAge, dangerous cults, and what it takes to make a hit record) if ever our fellow citizens decide they want to get our bad boy of a country back on track, we should let it be known - right here and now - we're more-than-ready to serve.