Friday, February 25, 2011

The Union For Peace, Love And Understanding

Just keep repeating "there's no link between the Democrats, NewAge and violence, there's no link between the Democrats, NewAge and violence" and that will make it true:


It seems that this person has tweeted death wishes towards Governor Scott Walker and Jihn Kasich, as well as every “Republican Governor.”

She is “an astrologer.” No. Really. She is.

Let’s tell her fortune….

I see her in an orange jump suit, sharing a cell with her new special friend, Bernice. Bernice enjoys it when you “yodel while carrying a six-pack.”

Here are the tweets:

-Gov JOHN KASICH (OH)&Gov Scott Walker(Wi)must be eliminated by March 22nd or OUR AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED. about 5 hours ago via web

-Wisconsin&Ohio Police eliminate in any way possible GovWalker & Gov John Kasich. Prison for TREASON or DEATH. about 5 hours ago via web

-Local&State Police jail or eliminate Republican Governors NOW<<<<<<<<< about 5 hours ago via web

I want to know if this idiot is a member of the Astrologer’s Union! hehe
Yea, she, Andrew Sullivan, Jared Lee Laughner, The Daily Kos kids, and Arianna Huffington, are all founding members!

And do you notice how she feels she's got some special "connection" to, or "powers" over, the police to do her bidding?


Hat Tip (and a complete fucking rip) from the blog we love: iOwnTheWorld


  1. I'm saying this with love, Mr Emcee, so please don't go getting all offended on me.

    You hold yourself out as being superior because you see important connections where lesser persons do not. For example, you declare that there's a link between the Democrats, NewAge and violence.

    Well, you're right. I agree with you. There is a link.

    But the same can be said for Republicans, breakfast cereals and the inexplicable success of Sheryl Crow. They're linked to NewAge beliefs, one and all.

    But declaring a link, without more, is just so much noise. It's an expression of certitude along with the pretense of leadership.

    Where's the proximate cause? Where's the analysis? Where's the evidentiary support? Where's the context that would make your urgency seem within reasonable proportion?

    You see, everything is linked to everything else. That is literally true. The limits are those of imagination.

    Some people who are mentally ill, people who do drugs, think they see important connections everywhere they look. And some of those people spend much of their time trying to get other people to see things their way because they think that their insights are superior. The problem is their ambition too far exceeds their powers of analytic discrimination.

    Charles Manson is a pretty good example. He saw a link between the Beatles and race relations in the United States.

    And he was right. There was a connection; an extraordinarily tenuous and unimportant connection. So what?

    So here is something you should bear in mind, Mr Emcee (just as soon as you get done reconsidering the implications of your trite allusion to the brain-frying drug crack cocaine):

    Just keep repeating "there's no link between the link-spotting style of Charles Manson and the link-spotting style of The Crack Emcee" and that will make it true.


  2. You hold yourself out as being superior,...

    You lost me right there. If you got that one wrong - and, boy, are you wrong - then the rest can't be much better.

    Thanks for trying, though, I'm sure you mean well.

  3. I do mean well, for what it's worth.

    But here's the thing. If you think that macho strutting on the internet isn't an assertion of superiority, if you think that calling people stupid isn't an assertion of superiority, if you think that harshly criticising people for their religious (or quasi-religious, whatever) beliefs isn't an assertion of superiority . . . well then . . . there probably isn't much for us to talk about that's worth the time and effort.

    The biggest difference between you and me, as far as I can tell, is that you're close-minded while I'm open-minded.

    Now don't get me wrong. There are advantageous and disadvantageous aspects to either, depending upon the specifics of any given situation. Many's the time I've wished I were more resolute.

    But I see no point in interacting with someone who's so stubborn, or lacking in self-awareness, that he refuses to admit his whole internet routine is doing the superiority dance for donations.

    Well, enough of that. I'm wasting my time.

    Godspeed to you, my disingenuous negro friend, Godspeed.

  4. Jesus Christ, what's wrong with you? You throw an assumption at me that doesn't fit - as though someone who writes as you do can't acknowledge even a little empty bluster on my part - and you're going to get mad because I won't cop to it? WTF?

    Part of the reason I love the name of this blog is because of how HUNG UP you people can get on it - it just serves to prove, to me, that the hatred of men is as real as real can be. No, a man can't strut, can he? He MUST be shut down, while saying "I've got to talk to the boss" when describing his wife, right? Anybody ever told MADONNA to shut it down? Hey, lady, that whole "I am woman" thing is unbecoming? The double standard is galling.

    Whatever. Go. Just as the country is making it's turn back to the positions I've been advocating from the beginning, without anyone patting me on the back for holding to principle when everyone else felt "superior" and were laughing because the Left had killed what I stood for - foreverrrrr - you'll discover, one day, you need me more than I need you.

    Shit, how the hell can I feel superior when you assholes are always trying to bring me down?