Friday, February 25, 2011

The Union For Peace, Love And Understanding

Just keep repeating "there's no link between the Democrats, NewAge and violence, there's no link between the Democrats, NewAge and violence" and that will make it true:


It seems that this person has tweeted death wishes towards Governor Scott Walker and Jihn Kasich, as well as every “Republican Governor.”

She is “an astrologer.” No. Really. She is.

Let’s tell her fortune….

I see her in an orange jump suit, sharing a cell with her new special friend, Bernice. Bernice enjoys it when you “yodel while carrying a six-pack.”

Here are the tweets:

-Gov JOHN KASICH (OH)&Gov Scott Walker(Wi)must be eliminated by March 22nd or OUR AMERICA WILL BE DESTROYED. about 5 hours ago via web

-Wisconsin&Ohio Police eliminate in any way possible GovWalker & Gov John Kasich. Prison for TREASON or DEATH. about 5 hours ago via web

-Local&State Police jail or eliminate Republican Governors NOW<<<<<<<<< about 5 hours ago via web

I want to know if this idiot is a member of the Astrologer’s Union! hehe
Yea, she, Andrew Sullivan, Jared Lee Laughner, The Daily Kos kids, and Arianna Huffington, are all founding members!

And do you notice how she feels she's got some special "connection" to, or "powers" over, the police to do her bidding?


Hat Tip (and a complete fucking rip) from the blog we love: iOwnTheWorld